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    Hello Tomstripe
    I’ve used Latex hundreds of times. It’s a great paint…PPG makes a great paint…ICI makes a great paint too.
    Acetone will take Toluene to clean. That should cost about 12.00 per gallon. That’s more than I pay for the paint. Then…I have to deal with the waste = the 2 – 4 gallons I’ve just used to clean the airless. I have a Titan and a Graco too. Again…I like the Latex. The only time I’ll go to Acetone or Alkyd is for the weather. These 2 will dry during inclimate weather more quickly…much more quickly than Latex. That’s it…Tomstripe…if I think it’ll dry before it freezes or rains…I’m going with Latex.
    Now…a bud of mine uses Acetone…he hates it. It won’t stay mixed for more than a day. He sets the 5 gallon bucket upside down after a day…but then…it clumps. I also hear it eats the seals. I’m sure this is over time…but still. Also…Acetone is a Paint Remover. So…to me…Acetone Paint is an Oxymoron. My point…this same friend has 8 machines and 2 crews…switched to Acetone. Much debris. Many clogs. Here’s why. The Acetone in the Acetone Paint…reacted with the small deposits of old Alkyd and Latex paint inside his machines. It created flakes and then clogs. It was a pain for a few days…then mitigated. So…upon switching…clean as best you can. That said…let’s hear from the rest of our readers. I’m sure there’s a lot being sold…I’d love to know more.
    Next…sharp edges have more to do with tips. Your Graco will do fine. Mine does. With Latex.
    Did I help?
    Let me know.
    I hope so.
    Keep in touch.

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    Anything…! OK? Anything…!
    I worked out of a Cargo Van…then an El Camino…my wife still teases me…then a truck.
    All of these were with ramps… = NO TRAILER.
    Now I have a landscaping trailer. I like it because it allows me to get into parking garages. I don’t like it because it exposes me to rain. A low enclosed trailer would be a dream…for me.
    Dean…get into business. Just your truck is fine.
    Last…if I can sell you a machine…cool. If not…still cool. Check out my site…if you find anything for less…let me know…I’ll help…I promise.
    Get into business.

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    Hey Raymond
    To be honest…I don’t think it was Graco fault. I think the rep at SW got caught up in something. The machine is great. It does what it’s supposed to. And…to be fair…I just sold a brand new Titan…and it shipped to the customer with a blown tire…right from the factory. Things happen. That’s why I say…oh well. I’m sure Graco has good people…good products…SW has good people…good products…and so does Titan. I’ll tell you what…ICI has good paint and so does PPG. I wish I could get Maintenance Inc.’s paint. They’re a couple hours North of me. I’m not sure what it would take to be the distributor. Anyhow…I messed up a parking lot years ago…the Air Force was easy on me. So…like I say…things happen.
    I got out of Thermo for a few reasons. There’s a crew here in town that’s large and good. I went after the “crumbs”. But…I kept getting calls to go “bigger”. I didn’t want to compete on that basis. I personally have other irons in the fire…I like working alone…though it has it set backs. So does running a crew. There’s a fine line between fighting to stay small…live off the “crumbs” that the big crews legitimately chuckle at…and making 60K easily…vs…finance via debt…employee…(2) trucks…shop…and all the sundry items that would inevitably go along with that choice. Raymond, I have a quiet, good living…striping. When my wife needs me…I can be there. I’ll get my work done. When the kids have a game…I’m there too. When they’re sick…I’m home. I’ll get my work done.
    That said…your circumstances are probably just as varied and I’m sure they’re different. I’ll teach you. I’ll write about this in my next book. I also want to go to Las Vegas this December. There’s a good sized show that’ll have all the MFG’s. I’d like to see the Graco ThermoLazer. Who knows…
    Anyhow…if I can help you in any way…let me know.

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    Hey Steve
    No I don’t have any job interests in Canada…well…as a striper.
    I was just saying that it would great to visit…great country…great weather.
    Now…you’re a better man than I if you can release the front tire and paint curb.
    I always hand spray. I do tape when I think I’m going to ruin it.
    I’ll keep in touch.

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    Hey Raymond
    Nope…I sold my Hand Liner and Pre Melter to an out of state company a few years ago.
    That said…I liked it…maybe one day I’ll do it again.
    I will call Graco and see how the warranty works on my 3900. It’s not 6 months old. If I need a switch…I’m hoping they’ll send me one. But…I’m also hoping it’s simple to install. The “authorized” dealer / service here isn’t the quickest. I’ll let you know.

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    Hey Raymond
    Yeah…I don’t want to conclude after one season…but I know why I like my hydraulic. Maybe I could trade it in. But…I got some kind of run around when I bought it…afterwards I mean…and never received my Graco Dollars. Like I said…oh well.
    I’ll tell you what else…my pump toggle switch is bad. If I shut the pump off…it may not come back on.
    I think I’m going to wait for the Auto Layout. Most of my work is layout…but I don’t see the same kind of job repeating itself so many times that it would warrant buying an Auto Layout. Maybe one day. Maybe there’s something I’m missing.
    Now…all that said…I have an older Graco Driver. It was used when I picked it up. I don’t have any complaints.
    As far as the paint?…I loved the Alkyd. SW now boasts Acetone…but that takes Toluene or MEK or Naptha? = 12.00 per gallon and more up where you are. Then there’s the waste issue…or we just don’t clean the airless. I do clean out the tip and turn it 90 decrees. Anyhow…I use my HRL for the Alkyd and I use the airless for Latex. Some say Acetone will “pit” the inside of a tank unless it’s Stainless Steel. That adds 1100.00 to an HRL. I’ll wait and see. And there are other companies = paint companies saying they have Alkyd. Either they’re wrong or…? I’ll buy it.
    If you do ever use Acetone…a buddy of mine had a couple days of clogging. He thought it was the actual Acetone in the paint eating the old alkyd deposits still in the machine.
    I’ll let you know if I wear out my 3900. Poor thing. I do want to look at their Thermo Hand Liner.
    Se ya.

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    Hey Raymond
    Yes…I’m in OH. Columbus = right in the middle.
    Raymond, what’s the difference between a Striping Business and a Centerline Striping Business?
    Is it the “long line” aspect? Do you only do the long lines? Does that mean travel?
    See ya.

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    Hey Steve
    Thanks for all that.
    I went to Canada as a boy with my Dad. He took me out of school twice to fish. Once was at Lake Knobsing..the other time was at a farm. Febicks…? I know the spelling is wrong…but I’ll never forget it. I could live in Canada. What Province are you in?
    Anyhow…my season is about the same…I live in Ohio. I use Latex as much as I can…then move to Alkyd. I do have a Conventional machine I’ve had for 16 years. I love it. I just put a hitch on it an ride. I use it for the Alkyd = oil based jobs just to get away from what you’re trying to get away from…expense of flushing the Airless system and then the waste. I wrote about that very thing in my book. Check out http://www.jclequipment.com. If you end up buying a machine…let me know…I’ll make Jim buy me a cup of coffee. I use my airless for the latex. Strictly.
    I’ve been told that the prices in Canada for the Airless are higher. I have a 4900 on my site. I get enquiries from Canada. But I can’t ship there. Maybe I’ll list one of Jim’s. He’s the “J” in JCL.
    Keep in touch.

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    Me again…Maybe.
    I saw the Graco Thermo. It looks cool.
    I found it because I’m adding to my book. My Thermo Years will be included in the Third Edition.
    I’ll search for the Feather Lite. It sounds like it’s for smaller applications? I’ll mention it.
    As far as cleaning my dies?…I did it right away. I would do all 12″ lines first…swap out the die and clean it right there. Scrape the inside and out and put it back into the kettle. No messing around.
    Here’s what I never tried. A buddy sprays WD-40 onto metal stencils. He installs the plastic right on top the stencils. The WD doesn’t allow it to stick to the metal. I wonder if it would’ve been nice to spray the die first. Don’t know. Sold my Hand Liner and Pre Melter a few years back.
    Now I miss it.
    Anyhow…headin’ for my son’s football game…then work…if it ever stops raining. I’ll check back later tonight.

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    Hey Raymond
    Try JCL Equipment Co., Xenia OH. 1-800 765-4647…= 1 800 76 LINES.
    He gets used trucks every once in a while.
    By the way…the “C” in his name is Creswell. Way back…his family was the Striper kings. Now he does it. He builds large airless truck for all applications. Tell him Dan sent you and tell him to buy me something if you purchase! His site is http://www.jclequipment.com.
    I just posted a reply on your other post. I’ll bet the all Hydraulic decision is a good one. Like I said…I have a Hydraulic Titan…just bought a Graco 3900M. I see the difference…but I’ll keep them both.
    If I ever sell the Graco…it’ll only be because it’s mechanical. But…ask me in another year.
    I like the Creswell unit because it’s too easy. Everything is on the outside…all small valves…etc. But…the biggest advantage is that it takes nothing to clean. Nothing. Now however with different paints = Acetone…I may swap the tank for a Stainless Steel. We’ll see. I like the line. I can always tell when someone has never used one. They say “rough edges”. I see what they see…but it’s a non issue. JCL makes them. If you visit…have him Demo. Let me know…I live 45 minutes away. I’d like to be there. I have 2 clients that give me work asking if I’ll use the Kelly. I just say yes. They think the Airless is a weak line. I see what they see…but…I’d probably fault the operator…for too small of a tip…or “running” while striping. Raymond, I have a Titan, Graco and JCL’s Conventional. There all good. Just trying to be fair.
    See ya.

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    Too cool. I’m willing to bet the reason you have soooo many hours on your Graco is because it’s Hydraulic.
    I have a Hydraulic Titan. I love it. Wanted another. Sherwin Williams offered me a Graco 3900 Mechanical for $3500.00. I hated the fact that I had to buy it. But they’re good people and they were stuck with it…though I never did get my Graco Dollars! Oh well.
    I’ve now used it. It seems to “dry pump” every few weeks or so. I was told that when I get my Graco Dollars that I should use them to purchase another Fluid Section. That way if it fails…I can quickly swap out and keep on the job. No…I’m not out of paint…no…the rock catcher isn’t completely blocked with “paint skins” giving the pump a false reading that it’s out of paint. Yes…I clean it. All that said…It works well. But…I was worried on the last 23,000′ Center line. I was riding and hoped it could keep up at 3 MPH and 2200 lbs of pressure. Well…it did… I know I could’ve put more pressure on it and gone with a bigger tip…but when I start “flying”…is when I screw up…especially when the old centerlines aren’t very pronounced. Over all…I was fine. Here’s my question to you…would you chance using 2 guns at 2200 lbs. and a .021 tip and ride…with a Mechanical Pump? Or…would you pull out the Hydraulic Unit?
    1) $900.00 to install an Auto Layout? On any unit? A 3900M?
    2) Can you keep the “Tail Ends” of all your stripes in line?…when you’re “Laying Out” at the 9′ Dimensions?
    3) Do you use any snapping after the “dots” are sprayed?
    4) Raymond, you mentioned Toluene. Do you use Acetone Based Paint? Or can you use Alkyd.
    Hey, see ya.
    By the way…I’ve been to Canada with my Dad as a boy. Those are memories I’ll never ever forget. Lake Knobsing…fishing…2 weeks. He took me out of school…twice. Caught my biggest Walleye and still have the picture…right here.
    See ya.

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    Hey Steve
    Never a problem.
    Have a good time.

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    Hey Steve
    I had a couple interests in Striping in Canada.
    If you have a minute…
    1) How long is your season?
    2) What kinds of paint do you use?…Latex? Alkyd? Acetone?
    3) What kinds of machines are popular in Canada? Is it all Airless? or Conventional? What brands?
    4) How much does an Airless cost in Canada?
    5) Is there a Full Time opportunity to stripe?…or all Part Time?
    Thanks Steve.
    I don’t know why…but I would love to come up there and just stripe something.

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    I saw your question and also saw that no one jumped in.
    I hope someone does.
    Until then…I applied Thermo for (5) seasons. I loved it.
    I didn’t do any “On Road” work though. Mine was all “Off Road” = Hospital ring roads…entrances and exits of shopping malls etc…= Off Road.
    I cannot help as much as the next guy.
    I will though look around for info.
    Keep in touch.
    P.S. If you’re already into Thermo…cool. If you’re exploring…ask me questions. I’ll tell you everything I did and know.

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    Hello INgineer
    I’ve had to wait 45 days before I was allowed to paint asphalt…newly installed asphalt.
    But…only a few times…and…it was always on an airport.
    This Thursday I’m heading to Thee Ohio State University…and will Layout RIGHT BEHIND THE ROLLER!
    99% of the time it’s like that…also on Seal Coat. Again…99% of the time…customers need the lot back…now. And I do not want to paint in traffic. Painting at night isn’t too bad…but everybody wants it now. So…go around and look at the asphalt and seal coat in your area…nothing is noticeably wearing off differently. Let the striper get on it.
    Your friend.

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