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    Hello, i am an owner/operator of a striping company in Canada. does anyone on this site get involved in centerlining as well as the equipment? i would like to get to know some people in the states in reguards to Thermoplastic, MMA, Epoxy, Latex and Alklyde based striping. (possibly sharing questions.)



    I saw your question and also saw that no one jumped in.
    I hope someone does.
    Until then…I applied Thermo for (5) seasons. I loved it.
    I didn’t do any “On Road” work though. Mine was all “Off Road” = Hospital ring roads…entrances and exits of shopping malls etc…= Off Road.
    I cannot help as much as the next guy.
    I will though look around for info.
    Keep in touch.
    P.S. If you’re already into Thermo…cool. If you’re exploring…ask me questions. I’ll tell you everything I did and know.


    hi dan,
    Yes i have gotton into thermo this year. i bought a new “feather lite” from ASE. it turned out that there isnt really enough work here in canada to make it worth while for thermo. so it is sitting in a create in my shop space. just qurious..,. how do you clean the dies?
    P.S, are you interested in a new… never been used thermo machine? ha ha ha …


    Me again…Maybe.
    I saw the Graco Thermo. It looks cool.
    I found it because I’m adding to my book. My Thermo Years will be included in the Third Edition.
    I’ll search for the Feather Lite. It sounds like it’s for smaller applications? I’ll mention it.
    As far as cleaning my dies?…I did it right away. I would do all 12″ lines first…swap out the die and clean it right there. Scrape the inside and out and put it back into the kettle. No messing around.
    Here’s what I never tried. A buddy sprays WD-40 onto metal stencils. He installs the plastic right on top the stencils. The WD doesn’t allow it to stick to the metal. I wonder if it would’ve been nice to spray the die first. Don’t know. Sold my Hand Liner and Pre Melter a few years back.
    Now I miss it.
    Anyhow…headin’ for my son’s football game…then work…if it ever stops raining. I’ll check back later tonight.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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