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    I’m an engineer who is putting together my company’s design specifications for asphalt sealant and pavement marking. Our specs currently call for a week between asphalt paving work and any striping/painting work. 1) Is this still a good recommended wait time? And, 2) If the job is just a sealant over the existing asphalt, how long should the contractor wait to do the striping/painting on top of the sealant?

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    When possible it is best to wait a full 24 hours after the sealer is applied to stripe the job. However, many times you won’t have that much time to get the job done. If that is the case, you can start striping as soon as the sealer is FULLY dry. Be careful doing this on really hot days, because the heat can make the sealer a little “sticky”. When this happens the sealer will stick to the tires of your striper. After a while in the business you get a feel for this sort of thing and you know when its safe. But certainly after 24 hours your safe. ALSO — never use oil based paints on fresh sealer (within 1st 6 months). Use only latex water based…

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    Hello INgineer
    I’ve had to wait 45 days before I was allowed to paint asphalt…newly installed asphalt.
    But…only a few times…and…it was always on an airport.
    This Thursday I’m heading to Thee Ohio State University…and will Layout RIGHT BEHIND THE ROLLER!
    99% of the time it’s like that…also on Seal Coat. Again…99% of the time…customers need the lot back…now. And I do not want to paint in traffic. Painting at night isn’t too bad…but everybody wants it now. So…go around and look at the asphalt and seal coat in your area…nothing is noticeably wearing off differently. Let the striper get on it.
    Your friend.


    What is the rule of thumb on using oil base over existing latex and vice versa on a restripe? How do you identify what paint is existing in the lot? What is the proper paint type for new asphalt? There seems to be alot of opinions out there so an explaination would be helpful. I’m sure “what not to do” has been done many times so it would be nice to know what the standard should be.


    I use an acetone based paint it works well on everything even on sealer. I definitely do not suggest using chlorinated rubber on sealer it will change colors. It will turn your yellow, brown and your white, green.

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