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    Want to start striping in the spring going to be a night and weekend gig. Probably looking at 4000-4500$ to get started Speefloo 2800,cones,stencils, bla bla bla. Im sure I’m low on that but hopefully in the ball park. MY question is do I need a trailer of the get go or should I just try to get along with my truck till I re coop some of the investment. With some ramps is it that bad loading and unloading a sprayer.
    any input on this would be great
    Thanks Dean


    Anything…! OK? Anything…!
    I worked out of a Cargo Van…then an El Camino…my wife still teases me…then a truck.
    All of these were with ramps… = NO TRAILER.
    Now I have a landscaping trailer. I like it because it allows me to get into parking garages. I don’t like it because it exposes me to rain. A low enclosed trailer would be a dream…for me.
    Dean…get into business. Just your truck is fine.
    Last…if I can sell you a machine…cool. If not…still cool. Check out my site…if you find anything for less…let me know…I’ll help…I promise.
    Get into business.


    I’m using my pickup truck. I can manage to load and unload ecspecially if I park the truck in the low spot of the of the parking lot putting the tailgate closer to the ground no problemino! If there’s a will there’s a way. Now I have a question, Is Latex SW be it white or yellow good for re-stripes or do I need to switch to the Acetones? I realize if your striping post sealer or new pavement it makes a difference but I’m referring to starting out on re-striping smaller lots. I hear so much about Acetone being the way to go for sharp edges etc.? Just getting started here so any comments would be greatly appreciated. I’m striping with used Graco 3500’s airless. Thanks!


    Hello Tomstripe
    I’ve used Latex hundreds of times. It’s a great paint…PPG makes a great paint…ICI makes a great paint too.
    Acetone will take Toluene to clean. That should cost about 12.00 per gallon. That’s more than I pay for the paint. Then…I have to deal with the waste = the 2 – 4 gallons I’ve just used to clean the airless. I have a Titan and a Graco too. Again…I like the Latex. The only time I’ll go to Acetone or Alkyd is for the weather. These 2 will dry during inclimate weather more quickly…much more quickly than Latex. That’s it…Tomstripe…if I think it’ll dry before it freezes or rains…I’m going with Latex.
    Now…a bud of mine uses Acetone…he hates it. It won’t stay mixed for more than a day. He sets the 5 gallon bucket upside down after a day…but then…it clumps. I also hear it eats the seals. I’m sure this is over time…but still. Also…Acetone is a Paint Remover. So…to me…Acetone Paint is an Oxymoron. My point…this same friend has 8 machines and 2 crews…switched to Acetone. Much debris. Many clogs. Here’s why. The Acetone in the Acetone Paint…reacted with the small deposits of old Alkyd and Latex paint inside his machines. It created flakes and then clogs. It was a pain for a few days…then mitigated. So…upon switching…clean as best you can. That said…let’s hear from the rest of our readers. I’m sure there’s a lot being sold…I’d love to know more.
    Next…sharp edges have more to do with tips. Your Graco will do fine. Mine does. With Latex.
    Did I help?
    Let me know.
    I hope so.
    Keep in touch.


    Thanks Dan,

    I’m sticking with Latex for now. The lot I’m practicing on is basically dusty and that’s probably why the edge of the lines get what looks like an overspray. I’m using a 319 Graco tip, maybe lower pressure setting on the pump would put the paint out slower thus less possible overspray? Sometimes I get revving from the Honda engine creating hourglassing in the line so I in turn try to use a higher pressure to compensate for that. Just getting things tuned in here. I overhauled the carb and it helped alot. The revving is not near as pronounced, keeping the r.p.m.’s in the sweet spot usually keeps most of the revving out. I’ve got a newer fifty foot line hose set as recommended for the shock control. I’ll get these edges sharp yet. Wouldn’t have it any other way.



    Hey Tomstripe
    I think you may have a few things going on.
    1) The dust = yes. What actually happens is this…the paint hits the ground and the dirt grabs it…then the dirt gets blown away from the force…carrying the paint with it. So…if you’re only getting “rough edges” at dusty points…I’d just keep going.
    2) The pressure…I’ve been one to “UP” the pressure…or I hate to say this…maybe the paint is too thick…”reduce it”. I run anywhere from 1800 to 2200 PSI. I just striped (1) mile of a centerline over a milled off road = rough AND dirty…yes I know…the sweeper was supposed to do a good job…blahblah. I had 2250 PSI in a .019 tip…just so I could drive a little more quickly. A 21 would’ve been better. Let’s face it…they’re “Temp” lines.
    Again…1800 to 2200 PSI.
    3) The “Revving”. Wanna hear something? Mine did the same thing. I thought I was out of gas…but I knew better. I think what’s going on with mine is this…do you know that little sleeve inside the gas tank filler?…when it spins…you can still engage the cap and tighten it…but…now it cannot breathe…so…the gas supply cannot get to where it needs to go. So…? I loosen the cap and she starts “breathing” and the gas flows…and I stripe. So…while this may not be the source of your revving…the next time it “revs”…quickly loosen the gas cap…let me know if it does the trick.
    Bottom line…
    1) don’t worry about the dust. If you pull the trigger and the stripe hits the ground and then goes away in a split second…stripe it again.
    2) Maybe…maybe add a cup of water to reduce the paint. Latex.
    3) Put the pressure to about 1900 PSI.
    4) Loosen the gas cap…what a drag…to see if the revving goes away almost immediately. Honda.
    Keep in touch.


    Hello Guys.
    Im new here, but would like to add my experience with Cargo vans and trailers.
    I work out of an extended Cargo van, and got to the point where I just couldnt take the smell anymore.
    Nothing worse than opening the door on a hot day and getting blasted by Xylene.
    So I bought a single wheel 6×12 trailer, it bounced all over the place and I had a terrible time keeping everything in place.
    Recently I bought a 19 ft vnose all aluminum dual wheel snowmobile trailer.
    I ride off the side ramp, and ride on the back, tie it down, secure my pails and stencils and off to the next job, works a treat, costs a little more to Haul, but I unhook the office, park it, and its ready to go the next night.
    I prefer to have everything in one place and do a complete top up of inventory every week, clean the spray guns, park them up and ready to roll again and again, just my 0.2c worth,

    Looking forward to reading your book Dan, if your ever near the border, come stripe with me up here in Toronto, would love to pick your brain.
    Mark Goodman



    Mark – Nice job on the website. Not many contractors put enough care into this critical piece of of the marketing puzzle. Very well done.


    Thank you Brett.

    I have a great way of marketing striping here, its very basic and depends soley on educating the business owner of the importance of a well marked lot.

    Once you explain it to them, and they see the result for such a small outlay, they remember you, and more often than not become regular customers.

    Doing the best job you can is equally important.

    Mark Goodman


    Hey Mark
    I love Canada. I caught my biggest Walleye in Canada…still have the picture.
    Anyhow…I started working out of a van…kept hitting my head.
    And…I did see a nice snow mobile trailer. AND…I loved the idea of riding in…then riding out…all forward.
    Keep in touch.


    Mark – That’s great to hear. Educating the prospect is something I wrote about in my new download “5 Ways Outbid your competition”. IT’s so true. Once you win their trust and confidence by educating them on the process they look to you as the expert and keep coming back. Very nice! Keep in touch!


    …OK…here’s a project…
    …I say we set up an Expo in Canada. ( Well…there may actually be one that I don’t know of…)
    If Nashville and Las Vegas can have one…and be successful…why not Toronto?
    I’d go…obviously in Winter when we’re off work.


    I’m In 🙂

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