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    Good-morning…I own Island Line Painting here on Vancouver Island. I currently use a tandom wheeled 12′ x 6′ enclosed trailer. But I’m noticing that there’s alot of places I can’t get into. Also…while it’s great having everything in one place…I don’t use everything at each job, so I feel it’s a waste of money to be pulling all this extra stuff/weight around. So I was thinking of going to a 1 ton extended van. What do you guys use and what are your thoughts…if any. Thanks Steve


    Hello STVSLOAN
    I’ve used a landscaping trailer for 16 years.
    Mostly it’s great…but it has one problem…rain.
    I do stripe parking garages…I can fit into the low over hangs.
    But…once a year…I’ll get hammered with rain…either going to or coming from a job.
    I’m like you…I don’t want to carry everything either.
    One day I’ll change…but hopefully to a Low Enclosed Trailer.
    Last…but to get all my equipment in…I’d need more floor space than my 5 x 10.
    See ya.


    thank you Dan…getting help on these forum is proving to be a waste of time…………


    Hey Steve
    I had a couple interests in Striping in Canada.
    If you have a minute…
    1) How long is your season?
    2) What kinds of paint do you use?…Latex? Alkyd? Acetone?
    3) What kinds of machines are popular in Canada? Is it all Airless? or Conventional? What brands?
    4) How much does an Airless cost in Canada?
    5) Is there a Full Time opportunity to stripe?…or all Part Time?
    Thanks Steve.
    I don’t know why…but I would love to come up there and just stripe something.


    hi dan…I’m just heading out for afew hours. i will answer your questions later tonight……….


    Hey Steve
    Never a problem.
    Have a good time.


    Seeing as how at this time, I only stripe parking lots, the season for me here in Comox is anywhere from Apr./May to Sept./Oct. The rest of the year is wet, cold, snowy or a combination of the three. So being seasonal in nature…I have to do something else. I’m a logger of 30 years, so this is a second income for me. I want to branch into asphalt crack repair and possibly snow removal.
    I use Alkyd paint which I get from Cloverdale paints. It costs me $74.00 for 5 gallons and I get 80-90 lines from a can. I presently use thinner to cleanup. But want to go to the water based paints in the new year to get away from the thinner and the problems with it…(cost $54.00/ 5 gals. and the disposal of).
    I think the machines used here are not much different from anywhere else. Graco and Titan are the brands of choice. I have a airless Titan 4900. I haven’t used anything else so don’t have any opinion on what’s best. But I like my machine. The only complaint…which may have nothing to do with brand name…is that the paint hopper isn’t airtight. So I get the hardening of the surface if the paint is left open too long. I have solved it somewhat by cutting a inner tube and laying it across the top of the paint can before I put on the medal lid. I have a small slit in it that I push the intake and bleeder tube thru. It is so tight that it seals it all up pretty good. As for price…I have been told that a new machine would be around $7000.00. But haven’t confirmed it.
    As for opportunity…that would depend on where you live. The bigger the town/city…the greater the opportunity. If I was to relocate for this type of work, I would definately go to a city. Probaly some where where I know it snows every winter, so as to get into offering snow removal.The smaller towns like where I live just don’t have the volume of work. It works for me because this is a second income for me.
    Hope this answers some of your questions……have a good day


    Hey Steve
    Thanks for all that.
    I went to Canada as a boy with my Dad. He took me out of school twice to fish. Once was at Lake Knobsing..the other time was at a farm. Febicks…? I know the spelling is wrong…but I’ll never forget it. I could live in Canada. What Province are you in?
    Anyhow…my season is about the same…I live in Ohio. I use Latex as much as I can…then move to Alkyd. I do have a Conventional machine I’ve had for 16 years. I love it. I just put a hitch on it an ride. I use it for the Alkyd = oil based jobs just to get away from what you’re trying to get away from…expense of flushing the Airless system and then the waste. I wrote about that very thing in my book. Check out http://www.jclequipment.com. If you end up buying a machine…let me know…I’ll make Jim buy me a cup of coffee. I use my airless for the latex. Strictly.
    I’ve been told that the prices in Canada for the Airless are higher. I have a 4900 on my site. I get enquiries from Canada. But I can’t ship there. Maybe I’ll list one of Jim’s. He’s the “J” in JCL.
    Keep in touch.


    Hi Again…I just noticed your company name. I was looking at your site and various videos awhile back. You should do more showing the various methods of doing things. Go good with your book. Which I have to get around to buying. I want to know how to do circles/curves and the like. Also…curved curbs. I tried using the machine after unlocking the front coaster…what a mess! It was like trying to turn a tank! Real jerky. Ended up cutting hand spraying almost all of it again to clean up the edges. SUCKED and was a huge waste of paint. You said you had acouple interests in striping in Canada…actual jobs or were you just kicking the idea around?
    Anwho…I live in British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Have a nice day


    Hey Steve
    No I don’t have any job interests in Canada…well…as a striper.
    I was just saying that it would great to visit…great country…great weather.
    Now…you’re a better man than I if you can release the front tire and paint curb.
    I always hand spray. I do tape when I think I’m going to ruin it.
    I’ll keep in touch.


    hi guys, in regards to painting circles or curves like painted islands and such a little trick i use is just loosen up the the gun holder arm and turn it around so the gun is at the back wheel. this changes the pivot point of the spray pattern and is much easier to control when you unlock the front caster…works for me anyway! im also in canada and use graco airless 3900, just a preference for me and they have been good machines.
    have a good upcoming season!!


    enclosed trailer is the way to go. You can hook to any vehicle, you dont have to worry about it breaking down, much less insurace and tags, and much cheaper than an additional vehicle. Good luck, Charlie


    I have just purchased a large enclosed trailer, 7×14, but I’m not a fan of pulling it to far off windsheild jobs. I still use this dolly a lot, and I have a tiny trailer that hold one machine. I have just also put a ramp on my truck, and have used this many times, to do remote small striping jobs. I’m not sure I could work with only one system. I have a open trailer too, that I have used in parking garages, as mentioned above.


    Hey Shepoutside
    Those are great. I love the ramp.
    I do know someone who also uses one of those “Platforms” that slips into the sleeve of a trailer hitch.
    I love the ramp…especially if you work from the “home garage” and all you’re doing is a (20) line job with one stencil…or even a larger job…just to get into it…like a low garage.
    Cool pics.


    Hey Shepoutside:

    Can you give me more information on the ramp for your truck? I am starting up my business and I have been looking around for ramps. Most of what I found have been two seperate ramps and I just do not like that idea at all. Can you let me know who the manufacturer and model number if possible or did you have the ramp made?


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