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    Hi, does anyone have any used striping trucks for sale? (paint) I am also looking for used hand machines in good condition. (perferably Graco/airless) I am also interested in parts for hand machines and trucks, (ie bead dispencers, guns, hoses, compressors, pumps, anything.)

    Please email, or comment.



    How are you?
    Parts and older used equipment is hard to come by.
    At least it’s hard for me to find good stuff.
    I think it’s a testimony to our industry = we all keep the good stuff.
    Where in CA are you?
    How many months in a year do you work?
    Do you use all airless?


    Hey again,

    Yes all i have is airless. 99.9% Graco (my favourite) We are changing it so everything we have in our fleet is Graco 200 hs linedrivers. i like the line quality, and the ability to measure what i am appling. (and i like to ride!) however i have never used a kelly creswell. what kind of quality do you get with a conventional machine? also… we work from march to december. here… depends on the year. Some years are bad like last year. started snowing end of october!


    Hey Raymond
    Try JCL Equipment Co., Xenia OH. 1-800 765-4647…= 1 800 76 LINES.
    He gets used trucks every once in a while.
    By the way…the “C” in his name is Creswell. Way back…his family was the Striper kings. Now he does it. He builds large airless truck for all applications. Tell him Dan sent you and tell him to buy me something if you purchase! His site is http://www.jclequipment.com.
    I just posted a reply on your other post. I’ll bet the all Hydraulic decision is a good one. Like I said…I have a Hydraulic Titan…just bought a Graco 3900M. I see the difference…but I’ll keep them both.
    If I ever sell the Graco…it’ll only be because it’s mechanical. But…ask me in another year.
    I like the Creswell unit because it’s too easy. Everything is on the outside…all small valves…etc. But…the biggest advantage is that it takes nothing to clean. Nothing. Now however with different paints = Acetone…I may swap the tank for a Stainless Steel. We’ll see. I like the line. I can always tell when someone has never used one. They say “rough edges”. I see what they see…but it’s a non issue. JCL makes them. If you visit…have him Demo. Let me know…I live 45 minutes away. I’d like to be there. I have 2 clients that give me work asking if I’ll use the Kelly. I just say yes. They think the Airless is a weak line. I see what they see…but…I’d probably fault the operator…for too small of a tip…or “running” while striping. Raymond, I have a Titan, Graco and JCL’s Conventional. There all good. Just trying to be fair.
    See ya.


    Hi dan,

    well i know Jim lunlay from JCL Equipment out of Ohio i believe? your from there right? i have a talked to him about new stripers before. just looking to find people who have a centerline striping bussiness, who are looking to trade info. but i am also interested in the forums about hand machines!



    Hey Raymond
    Yes…I’m in OH. Columbus = right in the middle.
    Raymond, what’s the difference between a Striping Business and a Centerline Striping Business?
    Is it the “long line” aspect? Do you only do the long lines? Does that mean travel?
    See ya.



    we do hand machine work, ie intersections, parking lots. aswell as long line striping. i am having a hard time finding people in the business. i know of EZ liner, MRL, JCL, linetech, and a few others but i am quirous of the market down in the states. now we only work in Ontario, and we want to stay a canadian company. however i like to get to know some people that do ceterlining. i know it is a big business in the states! oh and in reguards to your 3900? i have a 3900 for 4 yrs now. and it’s funny you mentioned that, mine started doing that last week or so. maybe mother board? or switch? let me know what you find out? sometimes you have to flip it a few times on mine… need to find out, it’s starting to piss me off! ha ha ha ttyl.
    so do you still do any thermo? or no? like i said, check out Advanced Striping Equipment on the web. they have the feather lites. mine is one of the biggest models. it comes with three dies, i believe… 4″ 8″ 12″ want to get rid of it, because i dont have any use for it this season. Never seen a day of light!


    Hey Raymond
    Nope…I sold my Hand Liner and Pre Melter to an out of state company a few years ago.
    That said…I liked it…maybe one day I’ll do it again.
    I will call Graco and see how the warranty works on my 3900. It’s not 6 months old. If I need a switch…I’m hoping they’ll send me one. But…I’m also hoping it’s simple to install. The “authorized” dealer / service here isn’t the quickest. I’ll let you know.



    Yeah i hear ya. i think thats low, not giving you the graco bucks. they can be unpleasant. it souldent be to hard to take off. i have done it a few times. its the blue cover that can be hard to get off around the filter. also i believe you can take the cover off the back of the control panel. or maybe it’s just on the hydralic models? sometimes its easier just doin it yourself if you feel up to it? i broke a few pressure valves on the side where the filters are. they would take weeks to see it up here. probly the same down there. so i just get them to send me the parts. they might want to see it though being warranty…

    p.s how come you got out of thermo? just wondering.
    see ya,



    Hey Raymond
    To be honest…I don’t think it was Graco fault. I think the rep at SW got caught up in something. The machine is great. It does what it’s supposed to. And…to be fair…I just sold a brand new Titan…and it shipped to the customer with a blown tire…right from the factory. Things happen. That’s why I say…oh well. I’m sure Graco has good people…good products…SW has good people…good products…and so does Titan. I’ll tell you what…ICI has good paint and so does PPG. I wish I could get Maintenance Inc.’s paint. They’re a couple hours North of me. I’m not sure what it would take to be the distributor. Anyhow…I messed up a parking lot years ago…the Air Force was easy on me. So…like I say…things happen.
    I got out of Thermo for a few reasons. There’s a crew here in town that’s large and good. I went after the “crumbs”. But…I kept getting calls to go “bigger”. I didn’t want to compete on that basis. I personally have other irons in the fire…I like working alone…though it has it set backs. So does running a crew. There’s a fine line between fighting to stay small…live off the “crumbs” that the big crews legitimately chuckle at…and making 60K easily…vs…finance via debt…employee…(2) trucks…shop…and all the sundry items that would inevitably go along with that choice. Raymond, I have a quiet, good living…striping. When my wife needs me…I can be there. I’ll get my work done. When the kids have a game…I’m there too. When they’re sick…I’m home. I’ll get my work done.
    That said…your circumstances are probably just as varied and I’m sure they’re different. I’ll teach you. I’ll write about this in my next book. I also want to go to Las Vegas this December. There’s a good sized show that’ll have all the MFG’s. I’d like to see the Graco ThermoLazer. Who knows…
    Anyhow…if I can help you in any way…let me know.


    Dan just looking at one of your post from sep 30 about thermo and what not . I like to read all I can about the trade so I read all the old post. There was a mention of trade show in las Vegas in December would this be a place were I could put hands on a striper? Not stripe the convention center but be able to look with my own eyes at a machine . Have talked to paint stores ,graco reps, spee floo rep, in Iowa nobody caries in stock of course. Would just like to view a striper before i buy one. When I started looking into striping I was thinking the speefloo 800? line striper for 1200$ would be all I needed. Went to help stripe football field for my sons 4th grade team on a sat morn they had a 800. Not hardly the power to spray watered down paint to line a football field let alone do parking lots. Cant believe all you read on the duties list of a striper ad I have learned. Thanks for any info Dean


    Hello Dean
    I saw your other post…I’ll answer it too. Yes!. I will expand on that…in a minute.
    But here…
    1) Do an online search for “Pavement Maintenance Expo”.
    Results should show “Pavement Online”?
    Anyhow…there are (2) shows in the category…
    A) …is in Las Vegas…first week of December. They always span Wednesday evening…? to Sunday Noon?…you’ll see the schedules.
    B) Is in the East = sometimes in Nashville…sometimes in the Carolinas…sometimes Fla. I believe this Winter the East Show is in Jan.? Do the search.
    Also…I just received my Edition of Pavement Mag. It contains the schedules for all the Classes and Seminars.
    Your cost?…= Certainly travel…Hotel…and I would recommend the Hotel the Convention is in. I’ve stayed there twice and I stayed at a nearby Hotel and walked 2 blocks. That wasn’t bad…but I’m spoiled. Costs also include entrance to the floor = cheap. You’ll get to see ALL MFG’S…!
    Grab each one.
    Walk it down the aisle.
    Pop a wheelie.
    Get it up to “Striping Speed”…
    STOP IT!…kinda like you’re at a curb.
    Pull it backwards.
    How does it feel?
    Talk to REPS. Ask warranties. Ask Exchange Policies. Ask Return Shipping Policies. Ask about PERKS.
    (I wonder if you’d get a free book on “How I Stripe” with your purchase?)
    Let me know if you go…or to which one.
    Additional costs would be…if you’re interested in the noted classes…ranging on …everything.
    Call…wait…I’ll be right back…oh it’s right here…ok…all I see is the site = http://www.pavementonline.com
    But again…that site seems cluttered to me…I just searched for … national pavement expo … It came up first. It always does. Click it. It’s all right there.
    Now…the other post…well…I’ll go to the other post…
    See ya!



    Give me a location of where you are at and I can send you some information on the local distributors in your area.


    To the last person who posted. I havn’t been on here in a while, I didn’t see any name on you profile.
    I am located In Peterborough Ontario. Canada. i know the

    Thanks, Ray.


    Hello Raymond.
    How are you?
    The “G” that just posted above yours is the Graco Rep for California…and…”New Business Development”. He also covers a few states around there…in the West.
    However…I’m sure he knows the Reps for your neck of the woods too.
    I’ll email him…he may not be in at work…it’s 6:30 AM out there…it must be nice waking up on the beach Christmas Eve.
    Anyhow…good guy.
    Will you make the Nashville Show?…in Jan.?

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