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It’s important you know your rights online. What follows is our privacy policy and refund policy.


Unless otherwise noted, most  products are in stock and ready to ship.  Shipping and handling take 5-10 business days, depending on how close you are to our shipping location.

We ship to the lower 48 states and shipping is included to most locations; however if you are in a remote area where our couriers do not regularly ship, then we reserve the right to refund your purchase in full or give you the option to pay for the extra shipping.

Residential and rural delivery are not the same and AK reserves the right to delay shipping or have customer pick up at depot is the customer does not disclose that delivery location is rural. “Residential” is defined as shipments delivered to private residences, apartments, camps, churches, convents, country clubs, estates, golf courses, farms, marinas, military bases, mini-storage warehouses, non-commercial locations; nursing homes, prisons, rectory or schools, yacht clubs and other such locations. Facilities that have security gates or require special shipping instructions per the contracted carriers, including but not limited to hospitals, prisons and military bases, might require additional charges if required by the freight companies. In this case a customer service representative will call for this fee prior to shipping the items to you. Fees typically range from $75.00 to $125.00.


Refunds and Returns

Order Cancelation
In all cases; if we have processed your payment and your purchase has shipped and you then decide to cancel your order, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee plus the cost to ship the order to you and the cost to ship the order back to us. If your order has yet to ship and you cancel your order, you will be charged a 5% fee for order processing.

Refunds / Returns
Once any equipment and or product is purchased and used there is a strict no return policy. We will arrange for service, replace malfunctioning parts and send missing items but in no way shape or form provide a refund once equipment has been used unless a defect can be proven. Should equipment be determined to have a defect, we will repair it or refund your purchase price.  Refunds can only be issued once we have received the items back at our location and confirmed any defect.  Modified or altered items may not be returned.

See individual product pages for applicable warranty information.  Any alteration or modification to the equipment will void the warranty.  Any use of the equipment outside the specific instructions provided in the owners manual or instruction pamphlet that accompanies all our equipment will also void the warranty.  We strongly recommend reading the instructions for equipment in full before equipment operation.

Our spray system pumps will not be covered under warranty IF the pump has run dry from improper use via the use of the wrong sealer product. The only way these pump seals can be damaged is if the pump runs dry. If the pump runs dry for 1 minute this will cause the pump to over heat and the seals will burn resulting in a leaking pump. The pump is lubricated and cooled by the actual asphalt sealer. A similar example to this would be if you ran your car engine without oil or coolant. The oil lubricates your car engine and the coolant cools the engine. A car manufacturer would not warranty your engine if you forgot to put coolant or oil in your engine.

Sand in any pump will wear the pump faster and it voids the warranty on the unit. None of our centrifugal pumps can be used with sand: using them with sand will burn out the seals and create long-term motor and engine damage. Asphalt Emulsion, oil based sealers and, for that matter, any sealer that is not specifically water-based refined Coal Tar Emulsion without additives will not work with these pumps and may cause internal damage and require repair or replacement without warranty.

Release of Liability
In consideration of receipt of Asphalt Kingdom products and equipment, you hereby agree Asphalt Kingdom and its parent company, Loyalty International, be held harmless from any claims of injury or death that may arise to the fullest extent permitted by law. Use of our equipment and components may involve certain risks and hazards, primarily from improper use,which may result in personal injury or death. By using the equipment and products you acknowledge you have read in full all the instructions for the items in advance of operation and have contacted us with any unanswered questions.

By using our products you agree to personally assume and accept any and all risks of injury or other. Asphalt Kingdom and its parent company, Loyalty International, shall be held harmless from any liability or claim therein, and you agree to expressly release all Loyalty International and Asphalt Kingdom employees, owners, agents, delivery personnel, suppliers and representatives from any and all liability regarding injury, property damage, death, negligence and the like regarding use of equipment sold by the company as well as the transportation of said equipment.

Upon acceptance of equipment sold by Loyalty International and Asphalt Kingdom, the Buyer assumes all risks of injury, property damage or death with regard to transporting the equipment from one location to another, lifting the equipment or moving it in anyway. Equipment Buyers assume responsible for proper maintenance of their purchased equipment and understand failure to perform maintenance tasks such as add oil to motors, failing to check tire pressure on trailers, failure to regularly check ball valves, fittings, nuts and bolts, failure to check torch fittings, failure to check hoses for cuts and splits, splits,and similar ongoing maintenance items, may cause the equipment to become dangerous to operate.

Any modification made to the equipment by the Buyer not only voids the manufacture warranty but may also make the equipment unsafe to operate.

Contacting Us

You can reach us by mail at:

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