Welcome to the Paveman Pro Contractor’s Guide to Marketing. Below you will find topics currently included in the guide. We periodically add new chapters that cover different areas like budgeting, sales, marketing and advertising.

NOTE: It is not necessary to read this guide in any particular order as each chapter is independent of the previous one. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Market Research

Chapter 2: Using Marketing Materials to Get More Customers

Chapter 3: Developing Your Marketing Message with an “Elevator Speech”.

Chapter 4: Projecting Stability to Potential Customers

Chapter 5: A Great Driveway Repair Flyer Is Affordable and Effective

Chapter 6: How to Start Writing About Your Company

Chapter 7: Why a Pavement Contractor Needs a Website

Chapter 8: Using the Web to Fight the Economic Downturn

Chapter 9: Establish a Customer Referral Program to Attract New Customers

Chapter 10: Don’t Wait to be Noticed; It’s Time to Demand Attention

Chapter 11: Get Control of Word of Mouth Advertising

Chapter 12: Make Your Yellow Page Ad Stand Out

Chapter 13: Stop Sweating the Sale – Instead, Find the Fit

Chapter 14: Keeping Track of Customers Keeps You on Track

Chapter 15: Keep the Change: Long Term Success Depends on Successful Planning

Chapter 16: Keys to a Growing Asphalt Business Include Efficiency and Flexibility

Chapter 17: Rising Costs: Coping Strategies

Chapter 18: Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

Stay Tuned for more chapters on Marketing your Business.