When RynoWorx released the RY30MK-Pro, it quickly became the talk of the town because of its innovative and ground-breaking features like dual internal burners with fuel regulator and flame-out sensor. The question now is the RY30MK-Pro is as good as it’s marketed to be, or it’s just another hype? To find out, Asphalt Kingdom’s CEO Judd Burdon caught up with two industry leaders – Jeff Cemelli of CEO of CSI Asphalt and Jason Vaughan CEO of Vaughan Paving & Sealcoating during the 2019 National Pavement Expo held in Nashville, Tennessee.

Thoughts about RynoWorx’s RY30

Jeff Cemelli: “It’s a solid machine. I’m interested to see it burn, see how it works. Get that thing running from job to job. So, we’re not wasting time onsite. The durability, that thing is not cheaply made. I was worried about that first, but it’s solid.”

Jason Vaughan: “The biggest problem with a standard melter is you get to a job; you get a half hour… You do [on a] good day, ten jobs. Do the math, [a] half hour each job. [It] kills your day.”

Judd Burdon: So, the 30-gallon, RY30, was designed to do exactly what we know it’s capable of doing, right? That 30-gallon melter if you have banders, if you have crack banders, you can fly with the thing. It’s not a unit that’s going to do streets, [or] parking lots that are 100,000 linear feet of cracks. It’s not just designed for it. You got a pumper for that. Period. It’s designed for residential, small commercial. It’s what it was designed for.

Vaughan: “Here’s another benefit though, even the push melter. You can vouch on what I’m about to say is the pumpers are great. We get it on [a] parking lot, awkward shape, islands here and there, you can’t get to it. You can’t get to a certain spot. What we do is [use] push melters. So now incorporating the heating of that, that’s what appeals to me.”

Why are RynoWorx brand and products getting popular

Vaughan: “I just had a conversation in here with a couple of different vendors of certain things we do in business, and I put it like this there’s a reason when you see a certain product, and you see big companies all over it, and that’s the product they are using. Think about it. Now I see everybody switching over to Rynoworx 30-gallon melter, everybody is using them.”

Burdon: “So, it becomes what it is, it is being innovative, creative [and] not remaining stagnant, plateaued, but innovating to maximize people’s businesses. I think in our businesses it’s the same thing. If we standstill and stay comfortable, there’s no growth, there’s no opportunity to grow, right? It’s like technology the same thing happens. With sealcoat spray systems, things are going to be changing for sure. When are they changing? They’re changing, slowly but surely. Asphalt recyclers, hot box, all that stuff, and it takes all of these wonderful minds to be able to do that, and if you are focus just solely on your business of making money, you can never do that. We need the feedback from everybody. to have the engineers develop and scale that before we go to the market.”

You can watch the whole conversation below:

The RY30-Pro is available at selected online retailers.