These balmy August days will soon be ending, and winter’s ice and snow will once again be damaging our roads.  Now it the time to prepare road surfaces for the weather to come.

Here are some tips from Patch Management, home of the PK2000 process that has earned the company its nickname, The Pothole Killers. 

• Clean off all fine dust and particles from the damaged area of a pothole using a high volume, low-pressure air source.
• Seal the area where the repairs are to be performed using a liquid asphalt emulsion. 

This process:

• Seals the damaged area against future water infiltration
• Provides a cement base at the bottom of the damaged area to enable the repair materials to adhere securely

This simple repair will stabilize the area and prevent further damage when the cold weather arrives. It can be done in areas where the seams have separated or alligatoring had occurred. It will also handle edge erosion, sink holes, utility trenches and a host of other roadways deficiencies.

The PK2000 application patented by Patch Management accomplishes all of this from the safety of the truck cab, eliminating the need for workers to stand on the highway to complete the work. One man, one truck equals no pothole.

For more information, visit the Patch Management web site, http://www.potholekillers.com