Python Manufacturing’s Python 5000 Pothole Patcher is showing that it’s not a one-trick pony when it comes to a road repair. The Python 5000 has proven that it’s the only pothole patcher to create permanent, compacted pothole patches in less than two minutes using standard asphalt mixes. And now, it’s been demonstrating its versatility by repairing breakouts in seams in the roadway, utility cuts and other long cracks – all in one easy operation with the single operator sitting safely in a comfortable cab.

With the Python 5000, the operator can adjust the flow of the asphalt to a narrow stream, continuously fill long cracks and compact the asphalt to create a permanent repair. There’s no longer any need to tie up traffic for long periods of time, and you can drastically cut the amount of time and resources needed to complete these repairs. 

Inclement weather isn’t a factor for the Python 5000. Whether it’s 20 degrees below or pouring rain, the operator stays safe and warm inside the cab. But what’s really exciting is that the patches are permanent – no matter what the weather conditions were when the pothole was repaired. And when the asphalt plants are shut down because of that inclement weather, the Python 5000 warms up cold mix so that it’s more pliable and able to produce those permanent patches.

You can see the Python 5000 in action by visiting their website at www.pythonmfg.com.