Everyone is feeling the effects of a smaller road repair budget. If you are still using the traditional cold patch to perform effective pothole repairs you need a new pothole repair solution that will reduce costs & help eliminate infrastructure shortfall. When your highway repair personnel are standing on the roadway surface to perform pothole repairs you are wasting money and time.

Here are 5 reasons how the “Pothole Killers” can help you maximize your infrastructure budget.

No more standing on the roadway surface to perform Pothole Repair

The PK2000 spray injection application does not require repair staff to be on the roadway surface to perform pothole repairs because of the advanced technology; this application removes the liability of exposing employees to vehicular traffic as we all know there are many news articles about driver distractions so why not keep your work force safer, by using a technology that keeps them off the roadway surface.

Environmentally safe road repair materials.

Patch management has developed an application that uses only environmentally compliant materials combined with a technology that is designed to protect the environment.

Speed up pothole repair times without increasing cost.

A program is available which can provide a cost efficient and effective way to address your pothole repair needs year round. Users of this system perform cost efficient, pothole repairs in 60-90 seconds (on average) Traditional repairs are known to fail and often do within the same day of the application. So why not use a method that is proven to be successful.

Pothole Repairs that Last.

Pothole Killers pothole repairs can be applied below 32 degrees and will achieve an 87% success rate for a repair that will last for years when compared to the traditional cold patch repairs that typically fail in days. We have repairs that are still in place that were installed 5 and 6 years ago now that is cost effective.

Spray injection Vs. Traditional patching.

Spray patching is not only faster to perform, we have skilled trainers who can instruct your operators in the art of this application within days, and with ongoing use your operators will master this application, and in most every situation the road repair staff will embrace this technology as they no longer have to stand on the roadway or be subject to the environmental weather conditions since they can perform this application from the safety and comfort of the cab of a truck.

Patch Management will design a risk free, cost effective, safer pothole repair solution for your organization that is environmentally compliant and comes with a one-year warranty. For additional information about this technology contact Patch Management at 1-877-FIX-ROAD or visit www.fixroad.com.