Spring and summer is usually when homeowners find new cracks, or are finally ready to address existing cracks in and around their home. With that in mind comes the launching of Emecole 85-90 Black, for the repair of cracked blacktop surfaces and Emecole 85-90 Gray, for concrete slabs and control joints.

  Basement waterproofing or foundation repair contractors can benefit by offering flatwork repair as a service to their customers. Driveway and patio resurfacing is a common spring and summer project for homeowners. This time of the year is when homeowners are thinking about having those unsightly cracks removed before beginning any resurfacing projects.

  This rapid-set polyurea easily dispenses into cracks using a manual dispensing tool. Much like crack injection for the repair of poured foundation walls, this two-part component dispenses through an appropriate sized static mixer. For blacktop surfaces, Emecole 85-90 Black cures to a black hard rubber-like material. After the product has completely cured, it can be shaved, providing a clean and finished look. If desired, stone may be added for a seamless finish. The same benefits of Emecole 85-90 Black also come with Emecole 85-90 Gray for the repair of cracks in basement floors, concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks. Upon curing to a gray, hard- rubber like material, Emecole 85-90 Gray may be shaved, leaving a nice uniform finish. This polyurea is also applicable for control joints – for sidewalks, patios and warehouses. An additional benefit of control joint application for outdoor use is the elimination of unsightly weeds and grass growth.

  Emecole 85-90 (both Black and Gray) cures fast and allows for full use within 60 minutes. Overlay projects or overcoats may be completed the same day. This product will not discolor, and may be applied in cracks of almost any size, especially larger cracks. Because it out performs single component materials, it is intended to last for years by resisting the problems associated with freeze/thaw cycles, as well as salts and other chemicals.

  Free of solvents and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Emecole 85-90 is environmentally friendly. When applied to basement floor cracks, it may improve the home’s indoor air quality by stopping the entrance of moisture and soil gases.  Emecole 85-90 is available in dual cartridges, and is compatible with Emecole’s “Jake” manual dispensing tool. The Jake tool comes with the added assistance of a spring, giving the applicator better control of dispensing flow out of the cartridge. For more information, please visit the “Concrete Floor Crack Repair” section at Emecole.com or call us at 800-844-2713.