Pothole patching has never been easier with the heated Asphalt Optimizer from Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group available in four ton capacity. Load hot mix asphalt through easy opening top doors that provide excellent leverage with long handles that retract for transport. A convenient material door is operated by a large diameter wheel with locking ratchet. Operators can easily adjust the amount of gravity fed mix that reaches the unloading tray. Easy shovel access and shovel storage reduce fatigue and improve efficiency.

A diesel fired, self-priming 105,000 btu burner with electronic ignition heats the hopper chamber without applying direct flame to eliminate hot spots. Heat is also dispersed throughout the load with a central 4-inch tube located near the top of the hopper. A 26-gallon fuel tank provides for up to 72 hours of heating. Insulation surrounds the hopper and doors to maintain temperature for long lasting heat retention. A digital controller with temperature readout monitors the temperature in one degree increments. In the event of a burner malfunction the controller can shut down the heating process and flash an error code to notify operating personnel. A fuel pressure gauge and proof of flame protection are added safety and maintenance features for maximum uptime. The modern fool-proof electronics are powered from the tow vehicle’s 12-volt system or the unit can be plugged into 120-volts at night to operate the burner through an optional integrated power converter.

Durability is guaranteed with a 6” x 2” x 3/16” gusseted tubular steel frame. One-quarter inch steel is used for the hopper box with seamless walls reinforced for structural integrity. The entire load is carried on tandem torsion axles rated at 15,000 pounds which provide a lower profile for more stable towing. Heavy duty 16-inch radial tires with 8-lug wheels are standard along with heavy-duty 12-gauge flat top fenders and electric brakes with breakaway protection

The Optimizer can be customized with optional items, including a storage platform for a compactor or other equipment, LED arrow board, and weekend timer option. For more information, contact Cimline Toll Free 1-800-328-3874 or visit http://www.cimline.com.