Mount Dora, Florida – May 26, 2009 – AspaltKingdom.com has announced that its newest product, the high quality, low cost AK 4000 Hot Asphalt box is now available via it’s website http://www.asphaltkingdom.com Asphalt and Seal Coat contractors can now power big profits that previously were only available to the ‘big boys’. At $5750 the 3 ton capacity AK 4000 delivers big capacity at a fraction of the cost.
Judd Burdon, President and founder of Asphalt Kingdom said, “We listened to what our client contractors have been asking for, and we went out and designed and built the product they requested and delivered it at a fraction of the price that other similar products cost.”

Mr. Burdon went on to say, “Being able to make Hot Asphalt repairs changes everything for a small contractor. It puts them on a level playing field with the big boys and they can address opportunities that they never had a chance to quote on before. We are delighted to be able to help our client contractors get access to a whole new level of profits with the AK 4000 Hot Asphalt Box.”

The AK 4000 Hot Asphalt Box – http://www.asphaltkingdom.com/hot-asphalt-box.html
•     Holds up to 3 tons (6000 lbs) of Hot Asphalt.

•     10 gauge steel on the inside walls and 14 gauge on the outer walls.

•     Measures 5 feet X 5 feet X 5 feet.
•     Weight Empty 1300LBS – Full Weight with 3 tons 7300 lbs.

•     Extremely well ventilated.
•     Propane heated with Two Tiger Torches

•     Extremely strong sub frame to prevent walls from   warping.

•     Angled internal walls to slide asphalt towards shovel door.

•     Keeps Asphalt Hot and usable for up to 14 hours.

•     You can work all year long, even during the winter.

•     2 Year Warranty.

About Asphalt Kingdom
The Asphalt Kingdom offers a wide variety of asphalt repair and maintenance products and equipment for both property owners and asphalt professionals. Founded by Judd Burdon, Asphalt Kingdom provides free expert advice, free shipping on most products, and a number of business development solutions for individuals wanting to establish their own asphalt seal coating and repair businesses.
Asphalt Kingdom is recognized by thousands of clients as the trusted source for the best prices, quality and selection of asphalt and seal coat products and equipment. For more information, go to www.asphaltkingdom.com.