Revolutionary asphalt repairs are achieved with Legacy Industrial’s newest product, HD-0100 Asphalt Resurfacer and Patch Material.  HD-0100 is now available in time for Spring 2011.  Alligator asphalt, wide cracks, potholes and surface damage are quickly and easily repaired with this amazing new product.  This formulation was developed to combat earthquake damaged roads, highways and bridges throughout the Western United States.   A unique polymer base provides flexibility and quick curing coupled with aggregate fillers and topping which adds highway grade strength.  

HD-0100 facts: 

  • Cures in under one hour at 70 degrees F
  • Outperforms “cold patch”  in every category
  • Resembles asphalt in color and texture
  • Reduces labor cost associated with asphalt repairs
  • Odorless and Vapor Free
  • Extremely flexible while still strong against loads


This product is available in three and five gallon units, half pallet and full pallet packages.  Legacy Industrial’s products are always “free shipping” for easy estimating and low cost to your job site.

For technical data, MSDS, videos, testimonials or ordering please visit Legacy Industrial at http://www.legacyindustrial.net or dial 908-269-8300 to speak with a product expert.