Just wanting to let folks know that I'll be giving a class at the upcoming NPE in Nashville. Wednesday Feb 2, 2011 3:00-4:30 pm – How Infrared, Recyclers & Hot Box Reclaimers Improve Repairs and your Bottom Line.

After 18 years of working with Infrared I still find it hard to believe that more people in this asphalt Industry aren't using Infrareds! It is such a HUGE profit potential center FOR ANY ASPHALT CONTRACTOR! Sealcoaters, pavers or anyone that is into asphalt maintenance industry can and will benefit from INFRAREDS and HOTBOX Reclaimers!

Pavers – STOP throwing away asphalt at the end of the day! Put it in a KM Asphalt Hotbox/Reclaimer and make $2,000.00 with it the next day! You’ll soon find out that in many cases Infrared is much more profitable then paving!

Sealcoaters – STOP subcontracting your repair work out! It is very easy to charge $150-$200 per oil spot with an Infrared. That means with about 4 bank parking lots you can pay for your new KM Infrared and Hotbox/Reclaimer!

Many of our customers that get into the line of Infrared repair work soon realize the benefits of having Infrareds and wish they would of listened and gotten into this type of repair many of years ago. I’m trying to reach out to the other contractors who are on the fence to make that leap in 2011 and start to reap the rewards and profits of Infrareds. There are many sizes to chose from as well as different manufactures and costs. Call the manufactures for prices and referrals and make sure you ask about demo opportunities. Once you see them work most folks will become owners sooner than later. Most contractors can pay for their KM International Infrared and Hotbox/Reclaimer within the first week or two! Call and ask for Kurt Schwartz at KM International 800-492-1757 I have 18 years of experience in INFRARED work. At KM we are not about the one time sale we are here to help build your business.