Maintenance Inc. the leader in post added additives world wide, is pleased to introduce our “High Performance Pothole Patch” for Asphalt and concrete.

  Easy to use on all pavement surfaces. Pothole Patch sticks to wet or dry, asphalt or concrete surfaces. It can be sealed immediately. This easy to use, low labor cost patch does not need primer or heat. Meets ASTM testing requirements and can be applied in all weather conditions. Lowest price in the industry. Packaged in easy to use 50# bags for easy application.
  Contact Maintenance Inc. for quanity breaks and pricing 800-892-6701 or go on-line at http://www.maintinc.com for further specifications and information on all Maintenance inc. products. Maintenance Inc. supplying all your pavement maintenance products since 1938.
  “Lowest” patch price guaranteed!