Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment, Inc. announces it has filed for a patent on its new heat management technology.   

Falcon’s break-through heat management system sets a new industry standard for carbon emissions, NOX emissions and fuel usage. It also eliminates the sooty waste-by product responsible for dirty cad cells.   

With the introduction of this new technology, Falcon has made the use of recycled asphalt for routine pavement repairs extremely affordable with most customers experiencing a pay back of less than 12 months. 

Falcon RME manufactures versatile asphalt recyclers / asphalt hot patchers that allow pavement repairs such as potholes, patches and utility cuts to be made with recycled asphalt chunks and millings, purchased hot mix or cold patch asphalt.

Having a customer base that spans 35 states and provinces as well as 19 departments of transportation, the company was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing manufacturer of road maintenance equipment in North America as well as one of the fastest growing woman owned businesses. 

Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment, Inc. is located at 120 Waldo Avenue, Midland, MI. For more information visit http://www.falconrme.com or contact Clayton Carroll at 616-405-3807. You may also e-mail Clayton at clayton@falconrme.com.