Better routing for better cracksealing is now easier than ever with the new PCR-30 Router from Cimline. The new model retains the comfort and control of the company’s PCR-25 model, while adding several important features. The new Quick-Stop II anti-kickback system stops all rearward travel with its positive locking hubs when the operator’s control handles are released. 20% more power to the drum helps the router cut more effortlessly. The new lower profile provides better balance and reduces operator fatigue. 

Proper crack sealing for pavement preservation starts with routing a uniform channel in existing cracks prior to applying heated sealant. The PCR-30 provides smooth, high-performance routing with its high-horsepower engine and height adjustable handles that deliver comfort and control with low vibration. Safety features for operator confidence include a belly bar for hands free emergency shutdown and the Quick-Stop II patent-pending feature. 

Another patent-pending feature for productivity is the Cut Control option which allows operators to set the router cut depth which the machine will maintain even after repositioning over another crack. Minor cut adjustments and depth are set from the operator control panel. The router drum is a two-piece design balanced for low vibration and supported on heavy-duty roller bearings. A bomber style pointer provides accurate guidance. Other options include a gauge package, hour meter and the new self-propelled travel assist feature that simplifies loading and transport.

For more information on the PCR-30 router and other Cimline products including world-class melter/applicators, contact: Cimline 800-328-3874 or visit www.cimline.com. The Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group incorporates the products of DuraPatcher, EQUIPT and Cimline. These three brands represent the finest in cracksealing, sealcoating and pothole patching products worldwide.