Several months ago we posted a press release on the new AK-4000 Asphalt Hot Box. We’ve heard great things about it, including a price point that makes it affordable for even the smallest pavement contractor.

We decided to contact someone who uses the AK-4000 to find out if the unit was holding up to its solid reputation.

John Pingelski is the Superintendant of highways for the Town of Half Moon in upstate New York. I asked John tell me how he decided on the AK-4000.

“Before the AK-4000 we used a dump truck to haul our patching asphalt around. The problem was, if we didn’t have it all down by noon, it was no good. That’s when we decided to start looking around for a good hot box. With the price of blacktop these days you just can’t afford to waste it.”

After researching the different units on the market, the AK-4000 – a 3 ton unit – seemed to be a good match for John’s operation. “We didn’t want anything with a bunch of bells and whistles, we just needed something to keep asphalt hot all day, and that is exactly what the AK-4000 does. Since we’ve bought the Asphalt Kingdom unit we haven’t wasted a drop.”

John also said that the AK unit is sturdy and has held up very well under the stress of everyday work. “We needed a hot box that we could take on and off of our trucks without falling apart on us. That’s something we were very concerned about. After our first inspection of the AK-4000 we could see that it was built well and would hold up under some very demanding conditions.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of the Asphalt Kingdom hot box is price. At $5,750 for a 3 ton capacity unit, the AK-4000 fills a niche in the industry that has yet to be addressed and also includes free shipping anywhere in the USA. The unit is built with 10 gauge inner walls and 14 gauge outer walls for heat insulation, with an inner sub frame to prevent warping. It has a 5’ x 5’ foot print and fits into the bed of a truck or mounted on a trailer.

Judd Burdon, President of Asphalt Kingdom, said “The AK-4000 is an excellent machine at a price point that gives even the small contractor the opportunity to make up to $500 a day without difficulty. By keeping the unit simple, we were able to build a very durable hot box, at a reasonable price, that will keep asphalt hot for up to 14 hours.”

I asked John what it was he liked best about the AK-4000. “I like that is does exactly what Asphalt Kingdom clams it will do. It’s durable, it keeps the asphalt hot, and it saves our township a ton of money by cutting costs on blacktop and keeping our crews busy patching pot holes.”

John also wanted to mention that working with the folks at Asphalt Kingdom was a pleasure. “Asphalt Kingdom did a great job in working with us. They were very helpful throughout the purchase and have been there for us even down the road. I highly recommend the AK-4000 and Asphalt Kingdom to anyone in the business.

To learn more about the AK-4000 Hot Box visit the AK-4000 product page.