SBR Systems got its beginning 28 years ago under its founder, Fred Butcher. Fred has been a leading pioneer in the direct-fired equipment industry since his first product hit the market in 1981. This product, the 30G Flex Kettle, coupled with 400 pounds of a premium crack sealant, a squeegee and a pour pot, was designed to put his customers in the full business of crack sealing for under a $1,000.00 initial investment. Then, a little over twenty years ago, came Fred’s invention of the original “MA10 Melter/Applicator.” This unit was designed to seal larger jobs more efficiently by permitting one man the ability to melt and apply up to 600 lbs. of sealant per day. That’s enough to seal 4800 linear feet of 1/2” x 1/2” cracks; a feat that used to take several men a great deal more time to achieve using the traditional hand-held pour pot.

SBR equipment has always been known for its efficiency, durability and dependability yet the innovation didn’t end there and continues today, when in 2009, the company incorporated a new & innovative design benefit to the MA10. This latest modification has been invented to reduce the excess material flow from the valve at the end of a run, otherwise known as “stringers.” The uniquely original feature to the SBR MA10 Melter/Applicator will help provide a cleaner, more professional appearance to your job site.

An innovation is defined as “the origination of an idea to its transformation into something useful, significantly changing the process in a service or product.” Fred Butcher is one pioneer who brought about a significant change for those in the crack seal industry and his company, SBR Systems, stands for innovation, not imitation. It’s the leader in providing you with the highest quality, direct-fired products in the pavement maintenance industry, and its FlexPak Crack Sealing System is designed specifically to keep you one step ahead of your competition.

SBR constantly strives to build your trust and confidence in their excellent line of equipment and sealant products so that, in turn, you may develop and maintain a level of trust and confidence with your customers that is equally unsurpassed.