GemSeal’s parent company, E.A. Mariani Asphalt Company, was founded in 1949. Its sealer division, GemSeal Inc. began operations in 1957, producing the finest coal tar pitch emulsion in the industry. Respected for high business ethics and service, the family-owned enterprise, now in its fourth generation has earned its position as the leading manufacturer of quality sealers and services in the U.S.

GemSeal sealer is warranted to meet or exceed all requirements for ASTM D5727, U.S. Air Force and Federal RP-355-e GSA-FSS specifications or customer’s custom specifications…and is also available in a ready to use formulation which is manufactured to ASTM specification D3320. Guideline application specifications, and typical, independent, certified analysis are available on request.

From Texas to the Atlantic…GemSeal has a factory close to contractors and their customers. Every GemSeal factory maintains its own laboratory – assuring exacting quality control.

GemSeal’s central lab in Tampa conducts ongoing random sampling of every location’s product to guarantee uniformity between GemSeal factories and between shipments…not equaled by any other in the industry.