Asphalt Pothole Repair  
Asphalt is subject to breakdown, whether from the elements or wear and tear from vehicles.

Asphalt Pothole Repair Repair options:

The three main types of repair products are cold asphalt, hot asphalt, and polyurethane.

Longer-lasting than cold asphalt, hot asphalt is mixed around 350 F. The repair and compaction must be done while the asphalt is still hot.  Cold asphalt is mixed and used at lower temperature than hot asphalt. Cold asphalt is easy to work, compact and repair potholes with, but does not last as long as other repairs.  Polyurethane repairs are done in any season provided the pothole can be dried. Although they tend to be more costly, polyurethane repairs last longer.

More about asphalt Pothole Repair at: http://www.roklinsystems.com/applications/asphalt-pothole-repair