Sealmaster Sealcoating MachineFinding the right sealcoating machine for your business.

SO you know you want a sealcoating machine that aligns with your companies future goals and is the most time efficient for the circumstances of your typical job. You want to make good money today and into the future without having to constantly reinvest in a new machine.

By now, you probably have a decent idea of the size and type of machine you need. But there are other factors to consider that will also help you decide on the right sealcoating machine for your company: sealcoating machine features and benefits.

As you take your journey through the ever increasing world of sealcoating machines, you will find that there is much alike on the vast majority of the equipment. After all, they are designed to do the same thing – apply sealer to the asphalt surface.

In this guide you will find that we try very hard not to be biased towards any one particular type of sealcoating machine. Rather, we hope to give you the tools and knowledge you need to make that decision yourself.

The main systems and features on most any sealcoating machine include:

• Material Tank
• Power System (Engine or Truck PTO)
• Pump System (spray machines)
• Agitation System
• Sealer Distribution (hand wand or squeegee)
• Control System
• Clean Up System
• Options

These systems combined make up the sealcoating machine that will either keep you on the job site (making money) or off the job site with your faithful mechanic. It is important that each of these systems can withstand the stress of the daily routine and keep you making money. Remember, your sealcoating machine is only as good as its weakest component or system. Once one breaks, downtime sets in, and the profits dwindle.

Don’t get me wrong, you will have downtime. It comes with the job and no sealcoating machine is perfect. Reducing this downtime as much as possible, however, is a goal any successful sealcoating contractor keeps at the top of his list.

Let’s a look at each of the major systems found on a sealcoating machine.

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