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    With the rising cost of oil and asphalt prices, and the economy, you would think local and federal governments would invest in maintaining the good roads with seal-coat. Why is preventive measures not dealt with more,im not talking chip-seal,im talking straight sealer. Does anyone know whats holding the municipals from sealcoating?


    I think the reason they dont seal major roads is because of the fact that they see it to be unneccessary. The amount of high traffic actually kneeds the asphalt like a massage, thus keeping the oils alive in the asphalt. I hope that could help answer your question.


    I might try a reply here…
    …It doesn’t last. It’s not meant to.
    It would be the equivalent of painting a Freeway…or even a street. Again…it wouldn’t last.
    AND…some part of the decision making is to “make it look like new again…or at least better”…
    Here’s the snag…it would only wear off in the tire tracks. THAT is not “making it look better”.
    Here’s an analogy…when I stripe parking lots…we use paint. When I stripe streets…I use melted plastic….125″ thick = Thermo Plastic. Why? Because paint wouldn’t last.
    Next…I have a client that performs “Slurry Seal”…”Chip Seal”…”Micro Seal”…
    I’ll “Layout and Stripe” behind his crew…because when this 1/4″ “stuff” goes all over the ROAD, CITY BUS COMPOUND or (4) Lane BRIDGE…I cannot see the old striping through it. Again…it’s much thicker = will last under extreme or stressful circumstances. ( This is also used on Bridges because some bridges weren’t designed to hold the additional weight of an “Over Lay”…so…?…”micro seal”…or…”micro pave”…? )
    That’s the answer = it won’t last.
    Last…this is also why some “Chain Stores” don’t seal. They receive higher traffic and seal coat wears unevenly…then it looks bad…then they Re-seal for aesthetics only. Case in point…?…Wendy’s Seal Coat every year. It wears off in the Drive Lane…due to heavy, turning traffic. McDonald’s does not. Unless a Franchisee wants to spend the money.
    I milled off 2000′ of striping, at a local shopping center, to Lay it out differently…because they have a “No Seal” Policy.
    Anyhow…I hope some of this gives background and helps…some.
    P.S. ( Please don’t quiz me on the molecular differences between “Slurry”, “Chip and “Micro”. I’m a striper! )
    …oh…most Fire Departments won’t seal either…get it?…big, heavy trucks…blah…blah…
    See ya.


    Also add to the above the problem with limited skid resistance at the higher speeds of typical roadways.



    Unlike parking lots and driveways, highways are constantly re-compacted by continuous traffic. Highways are also not subect to the continuous attack of petoleum derivatives in the same areas.

    Slurry seals, chip seals and micro seals all have their proper applications, but parking lots and driveways, in my humble opinion, are not the place for these applications. On parking lots and driveways use only coal tar or asphalt emulsion seal coats.


    Hello David
    Take a look just above. There are (3) posts or so, all giving a few different reasons why we don’t seal roads.
    I hope that helps.

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