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    Hi everyone from Toronto, Canada.

    Has anyone heard from Dan ?.
    I have e-mailed him a couple of times, and even left a message. No luck.
    Dan are you OK ?

    Steve Antczak


    I emailed him about a stencil he never got back to me either. I was excited to maybe buy stencils from someone who uses them.


    Can all stripers, sealers and pavers in Ohio check there local parking lots for Dan Z.
    Dan did you hang up your striper?
    Are you making lines on a beach in Hawaii?
    Where are you?


    Here am I…! ( Here I am. )
    I have to go now…!
    …no…that’s not true.
    It may take me a couple days to get back via phone…or I’m sitting right here and will answer…unless it’s a telemarketer.
    ( I’m just too worried to call too early or too late…)
    BUT…I can’t find your emails.
    Emails work for me. I’m either at my shop daily manufacturing or striping late. ( Or…on the back porch surfing. )
    OK…now I just saw the post from KC.
    I’m going to check my emails.
    I apologize. I didn’t think I ever missed an email.
    OK…serious stuff now…did you email via PaveManPro?…or directly to me?
    Once in a while things glitch…all by themselves.
    If you emailed via here…I may not be getting that notice.
    ( That makes no sense. I got this one. )
    Crap. I’m going to look. And apologize.
    I really didn’t think I missed an email. ( My loss. )
    It’s what I do in every morning.
    I’ll be back.


    OK…email number (2).
    ( Sometimes apologies aren’t enough. )
    20% off your next stencil order. Free Shipping.
    If you already bought…my loss. Offer still stands.
    I apologize again.
    ( In case you missed the reply …up there…on this thread…)
    Next…did you email via your wife or girlfriend?
    Does her name start with H?
    That’s my only hope.
    I saw the email from her and it was signed C.
    I did answer and then found that VM…just after I sent that email.
    I should’ve checked to see if that was your question…or if there was more.
    If that’s you…call me.
    Well…even if it’s not…call me again…if you need.
    I’ll call you back.
    Next…Steve…same deal for you.
    ( I know you pay Import Fees too. )
    And…( I have your VM. I’ll call you today. Dang it…I’m sorry. Won’t happen again. )
    I searched your name and email address in my Inbox. I came up with nothing.
    ( First…unless I’m missing something…Gmail isn’t the best for search. )
    You may be there.
    I got these…!
    Email me or call.
    I’ll call you back.
    I apologize again.
    I talk too much.
    20% off…free shipping.


    Thanks for the call today. It was great talking to you. I hope we can meet one day at one of these expos.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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