Whats the best paint to use when it’s cold (below the 40s)?

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    It is now Winter and I’m getting calls for re-stripes. I did one job so far but it took almost 40 minutes for the lines to dry. What paint should I use or what can I add to it? I been using Vista’s 6900 striping paint for years. But doesn’t seem to work to good below 40 degrees. Thanks, Johnny


    Hey Johnny
    I switch to Sherwin Williams Hot Line. …a few reasons…
    1) It has 67% solids. To me…that means less water to evaporate…so…less time to dry.
    2) The “Water” is some weird combination of …”water” and “liquid butane”…or something. ( Think of Rubbing Alcohol. It just makes it evaporate more quickly…regardless of temperature…and / or…humidity. )
    Try it.
    Next…also I switch to a larger tip. Since the paint has so many solids in it…a .019 gets clogged. I’ve been told a .021 will probably work…a .023 will. I’ve been using a .023…never had any troubles.
    Put those two things together and you’ll be ready for more work.
    NEXT…Sherwin Williams also has an Acetone based paint. REMEMBER…the “Liquid”…no ,matter what it is…is ONLY necessary to “carry” the solids particles to the ground. ( We just cannot spray flakes…! ) THEN…that liquid needs to evaporate…leaving the solids behind. ( A note…the SW Hot Line has 67%. So…technically…it should last longer than a paint having 47% or 57%. …TECHNICALLY…but…we cannot control each environment…from wear…weather…sweepers…blahblah… )
    Back to Acetone. If you’ve had any paint inside your gun previous to using Acetone…and then leave the Acetone in that machine for a day or two…the actual ACETONE…will dissolve that old residue paint…and then…!…when you go to spray the next time…clog…clog…spit…spit…etc.
    I’ve never used Acetone in my Latex machines. I’d like to buy a new machine though…just for the Acetone. I’ve subbed out a few late season jobs to other crews when Acetone is a must.
    That’s it…
    Hot Line…or Acetone. Ups and downs.
    And…Acetone dries right now in almost any weather…temp or condition.
    I’ve used Hot Line for the below 40s range…low humidity and some sunshine.
    Call me if you want.



    Just a quick add on here…

    Using any paint below 40 is risky. But you got to do what you got to do huh? Suggest at a bare minimum to use a paint that meets the federal spec TTP-1952-E TYPE II like Prostripe MX. The TYPE II is important as it means the paint is designed “For use under adverse conditions”. Beyond that if you can find a local paint made with Dow’s Fastrack XSR (I think Sherwin has one) resin. It is designed for temps that are 35 degrees and rising.

    Things to consider is surface temp (sometimes varies from ambient) and humdity (a killer at any temperature), sunlight (it conducts and renews heat to the surface) and wind (the chill factor). Check out DAFscale.com. You are certainly invited to my NPE presentation covering weather relation to Sealing and Striping.



    I have used Sherwin Williams Hot Line and Professional Paving MX, both are great paints. that dry really fast. You do not have to worry about some one stepping in your wet paint 30 minutes after you sprayed a line. I have painted when you had to wear a jacket, the sun was not shinning. looked like it would rain, and the stripes dried in 15 minutes. Strain the paint before you start, some buckets require the straining, some don’t. I had done well with a 21 tip. Clean the sprayer with water at the end of the day, because the solids will settle in your hoses over night.


    Colorado Paint has an exellant cold weather paint as well. It is their 1190 series.Very good low temp. paint.


    Hey guys check out Franklin paint Co. they have a latex cool weather paint.


    …you know what…?…
    I know this was all posted a few years back…but…I am a fan of the Acetone…more now than then.
    1) It dries right now…right now.
    2) There’s no “pick up”. The worst thing is to block down a Stop Bar…( using another good paint… )…let it stay blocked down for a couple hours…open it up…and the first car puts tire marks on it. I’ve striped Stop Bars with Acetone…in an open lot….in Summer. I’ve looked around…no cars…and I drive off…well…ride off. And…I ride over the Bar. No marks.
    In the cool Spring or Fall…same thing. Done. I am a believer.
    Next…I fight the cost of Xylene by never cleaning my machine. I am not one of the big boys…but they never clean either. Argue if you will…I’ve had no troubles. Bottom line…extend the Season…try Acetone.


    I’ll speak on Paint at the Charlotte NC NPE 2016.
    Hope to meet you there.

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