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    Hello all. Jack here and a new member. We do snow plowing and a large customer asked us to stripe their 400 car parking lot. We have done small areas with spray can type equipment but nothing like this. They want a quote by Monday. Plan on buying a Graco 3900 with auto stripe fuction but have no idea what to quote. Any suggestions as to what I should charge? I don’t expect to make money on our first half dozen jobs. Thanks and any suggestions are welcome. Jack


    Figure out your price for paint. You should get between 300 and 350 feet of 4″ line per gallon. Second how long will take? If it was me I would plan on 4 hours. You with a new machine maybe 7. When can you do this lot? Charge more for night jobs and for return trips. Get away from the per foot price and think about your expenses and what you want for a profit. Tick all the tails and do your double lines first. Your a professional striper now :). My market I would charge about 1000.00 to 1500.00 just depends on all of the above.


    Hello Jack
    First…thank you for the post.
    Next…congrats on your work too.
    Next…on the machine…you may not need the Auto Layout.
    But…the 3900 is a great choice.
    Next…I know how to bid.
    That said…different parts of our country pay different paint prices and certainly labor.
    First…find out your paint costs. I’d recommend Sherwin Williams.
    At least you won’t have any worries about the quality.
    Next…try either their Set Fast or Hot Line.
    Next…buy a 319 tip also. You’ll probably get a 317 with your purchase
    Make sure it’s a Yellow Tip for striping.
    Last…I did give sample pricing in my book and I also wrote a post here on PaveManPro addressing pricing.
    That said…I’m around .14 per foot. Stencils are more…maybe 15.00 and up…each.
    Again though…you decide.
    I hope that helps.
    P.S. I’m sending via my phone. I’ll try to correct typos later!


    I don’t like hot line because even if it’s a new shaken bucket I still have to strain it and here in Nebraska it doesn’t last unless it’s new concrete. If your working on a typical dirty lot with oil stains wouldn’t you want an oil base paint? I use Sherwin modified acrylic it’s promar TM5713 and it dries super fast in less than 5 minutes at 15 mils even when it’s 45 degrees and 95% humidity. I don’t have the luxury of always working on closed lots during the day with the sun shining. I’m not sure what Dan pays for paint but mine costs .065 cents a foot for a 4″ wide line and so much more goes into the bidding a job than just linear feet. I’m doing a mall that is over a 120,000 feet this week and with that many gallons I’m getting a discount on paint. That discount allowed me to win the bid. I would also suggest a 321 tip and 317 contractor tip for stencils. The 321 lets you walk faster and if you get a 2 gun setup your ready for stencils whenever. As you can see there is no consensus just what you find works best for you. I love Dan’s book it was a great reference guide when there really is nothing else.


    Thanks for your help, guys. I will let you know if anything of interest transpires when I hear about my quote. Jack

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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