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    I’m in the process of obtaining a curb address painting permit from LA City and I just want to make sure I do the job properly, so my clients receive quality work.

    I’m looking for something that drys fast, that has long durability and also something that can hold reflector beads, in case it is something my customers want.

    What paint would you recommend for this type of job. I would prefer using a spay can, over brushing or rolling. Does anyone know of any brands that have the type of paint I need in a spray can.

    A link to the product would be great!

    I was thinking of doing something like this, if no brand puts the paint in a spray can:


    I can just buy a gallon of paint and refill the can as needed.

    As far as prep, would just brushing the existing paint with a wired brush be enough for the paint to catch? From information I’ve gathered, if the existing paint is too think (something like 10 coats, I would have to take it down to concrete). Any other advice would be helpful.

    I would like to fit all my equipment in a backpack for easy mobility.

    I have been trying to get some of this information from Public Works, but they are not too helpful and information is hard to obtain.

    I know some of these questions may be somewhat elementary, but I am not too familiar with paint and I see too many people doing things wrong for a quick buck, over doing something properly for a profit.

    By the way Dan, I checked out your site and I just wanted to say great job on the videos. Striping is something I am thinking of getting into, so i will be buying your book eventually. Money is just tight for me right now.



    Can someone just post a link to a good brand of paint to use on curbs and that has a quick dry time.




    I missed your posts…both of them.
    I apologize.
    First…I do not do the type of curb work you’re thinking of.
    That said…my best advice would be to visit a store or two and read the cans.
    ICI stores = Glidden…(and…by the way…they were just bought by Akzo – Nobel. Rumor has it that they may go back to the Glidden name), PPG Stores = Pittsburg Paint Group = (Good Paint!) and the old standby…Sherwin Williams stores are everywhere. Each chain has about 3000 – 3500 locations.
    Next…if you’re required or asked to install glass beads…check out the “Dry Times”. We all want fast dry…but you’ll be “Broadcasting” = tossing the glass beads into the paint…BEFORE IT DRIES…kinda side armed = “Broadcasting”…so…make sure the Dry Time isn’t TOO short. Certainly ambient temperature and whether or not the curb is in the Sunshine or Shade will effect this.
    Last…JM…it may be simply trial and error.
    I hope you do this. I hope you find a niche. I hope you work out the kinks and make a fun living.
    I wish I could help more…but…like you…?…it’s not my forte.
    I also think that this ma be why many Stripers do not offer this service.
    And…therefore…you may do well.
    Now…before I go…I did paint my numbers onto my curb at my house. I taped off a nice rectangle. I hand rolled…using a 4″ cabinet roller…White Latex Traffic Paint. I had beads ready to throw…and I did. Then…I sprayed the Black spray paint numbers. I also threw beads into the Black…before it dried. I was fine with the work.
    Keep in touch.


    Hey Barclay
    Try PPG. Or…try my Videos. I’m going to lower the price…now.
    But…buy only the Video Titled… How I Stripe: Outdoor Striping Paint; Part (1).
    That’s how the paint is made.
    So…Try PPG…then SW…then Glidden.
    I use these all the time…in a (4) Season state.
    Let me know.


    Well it’s been a year. I’m curious, did you stick with the curb painting business? What paint did you end up using?

    I’m a curb address painter. Home Depot sell striping paint in an upside down spray can from Rust-o-leum.
    There are ways to paint the black while the white is still wet. Usually two passes over a two inch area constitutes a coat. Since your rectangle is six inches high you will have to do this for every two inch section of the box. If you intend to continue in the this business, I would be happy to tell you anything you would like to know.

    Allied Addressing



    Sherman Williams has a striping paint, It’s good, it costs eleven dollars a can. While Home Depot has their striping spray for six dollars. If you buy your spray cans online you can get each can for three dollars but you have to buy in bulk.

    What type of stencils are you using, paper, brass, or a custom? Are you doing a cold sale door to door or fliering?

    Have you heard advice from other curb painters. Usually they are very territorial and just want you to leave the area.

    I’ve done this type of work for thirteen years. I’m working on a book.

    Allied Addressing

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