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    Hello Pavemanpro’s. Well the 2010 sealing season is about wrapped up in the Northern parts of the country, the Holidays are upon us as well as Old Man winter. It has been a while since i remembered such a sustained cold so early and long. My Grandpa always told me that if December is very cold with a lot of snow, Jan. and Feb. tend to be much warmer and less snow.. i guess i will see if his wisdom is correct. Well now that the season is over, you need to be focusing on 2011. My take on 2010 was moderate to good for the most part.. Industry wide we avoided product shortages for the most part, however some of the prices were inching up on select industry products, but thank God the fuel prices were at least stable for most of the summer. In my conversations with many large road contractors, some had much work to do, and some were on a waiting list to start projects, but due to Fed. monies not being released as promised or completely eliminated, there is a feeling those contracts pending will now never materialize. I am wondering if the Fed’s. are truly looking at our infratsructure and the poor condition of our roads and bridges in sincerity? I see potholes and lack of line striping all over the place. The only shortage was in the paint supply.. some said it was due to a fire at a producers plant, some said it was a pigment shortage, whatever, it became hard for some parkinglot contractors to get paint sometime or another this summer. Although it was short lived, it created quite a mess for some. We as pavement maintenance professionals rely on the Fed., State, and local contracts that keep the BIG pavers on the streets and off the parkinglots. It is nothing new when times are tough the Big pavers resort to performing smaller projects including sealing parkinglots. So i feel in 2011 with our new congress elected by the people to assist the small businesses in creating jobs thru good sensible spending and tax cut incentive’s, will be a plus for our industry. The tax cuts mean more money in the pockets of small businesses, who will have more money to maintain their parking facilities. You should expeirience at least moderate growth in 2011, i would be tight with your money and spend what you need to do your upgrades in equipment, get rid of you high dollar maintenance equipment if it is constantly down and upgrade. The NPE show is in Nashville in Feb. this year, always a great place to chat and kick the tires on a new piece of iron. Trade shows are a great place to create new relationships, as well as mend the ones that may have went south. new ideas, new materials, and the latest greatest always are in the forefront of the NPE show. After the Show, i will be again be updating you in the things that i observed that may be of benefit to all my fellow Pavemanpros out there. In the mean time make sure all your additives and perishables are put up in a warm place for the winter. I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! Talk to you all again Next year!


    Nice article,Thanks for all the positives. See you in Nashville


    Thanks for your response! A positive attitude in tough times always makes the tough times go by faster. Soon we all will be back on the lots and i will be pumping out FSA! Please stop by my Maintenance Inc. booth # 1307 and let me know you are there, i look forward to meeting you. See you at the NPE show.


    Hey Mark
    We’re only a few hours from each other…we’ve talked a few times…but I don’t think we’ve ever met.
    I’ll keep your booth number in mind…1307. I’ll look you up in Nashville.


    Great Dan, see you there. We can discuss Maintenance Inc. Fast Dry paint also. Would like your thoughts on the industry from a Professional Striper’s view. As you know i also write a monthly article for a couple of our industry magazines, maybe you could discuss where it is going (Striping) for 2011, as well as your take on the past years paint shortage. Thanks Dan. I hope you have a great “New Year”.


    Hey Mark…you know what…?
    If anyone wants Fast Dry…it’s me. I’d love to try it.
    Don’t you also MFG and sell in Colorado?
    AND…tell me what Industry Mag you’re in…I’d like to read your articles.


    Dan, we only manufacturer in Wooster Ohio. I sell a lot of paint in Colorado, my son Tom owns Proline West commercial line markings does Airports as well as commercial line markings is one of my customers. He claims my Fast Dry is worth the freight cost to get it out there. I will discuss paint with you anytime Dan. As always you can check out my Articles here or you can read my Monthly articles in APE magazine, called “On the parking lot” My monthly articles are about the pavement maint. industry. I will be talking with professionals like yourself to obtain views on the industry as well as your expert advice on issues. I may use all or part of the info. in a future column.

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