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    Well Pavemanpros, i suspect you are all out on the lots bidding like crazy! i have been seeing a big jump in my additive sales this last month, so thats a great sign. I want to mention we lost a great industry friend, Bernie Schlake former National sales director for Neyra Industries many years ago died last week of brain cancer. Those of you veterans that were around during the 80-s 90-s pump wars will remember Bernie. Bernie was a wonderful individual that had so much information to help contractors, not to mention he was a great friend to those who personally knew him. Bernie rest in peace my friend. We also lost this week Peter Dalton form Dalton enterprises. Peter was a great industry visionary that helped shape our industry. Peter always was so stellar in formula designs as well as creating the various lines that Dalton sells today. Peter rest in peace! I wish all the families my condolence’s.
    On a lighter note, the weather has been so ridiculous all over the country with rain and more rain.. watch the humidity when sealing and be sure to put FASS DRI or FSA in you sealer. and at this time the ground water is so high, moisture will be present in the cracks. When you have so high a water table, you almost have to wait to crack seal as the water will play havoc on hot rubber applied over these cracks. i remember using a heat lance to dry the cracks, then when i applied the hot rubber, the heat pulled the water up to underside of the rubber cracksealant. It all rat tailed up in a long line mess!! i had a crack 100′ long and i could pull on one end and pull it up all the way to the end. That is what happens when you have wet cracks and high water tables this time of year. make sure you can adequately dry the crack. Routing always is a plus this time of year also. Now is the time to stock up on your additives for your sealer, see your sealer supplier and get your hands on some FSA or Fass Dri pavement sealer additive. well pavemanpros, i hope you all have a great season-start and until the next post! Happy Sealing.

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