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    Hello paveman… Well the trade shows are about done and the spring has about sprung! I have been all over the place giving seminars and seeing as many of our great maintenance inc distributors as i can. i was in Oklahoma a few weeks ago and actually met a fellow paveman at one of the seminars i spoke at. was really cool to actually meet and talk about our industry, if you are reading this my friend, it was great to meet you. In my travels i am getting such a positive response from contractors that are very busy with estimating full maintenance for existing and new potential accounts. this is a fantastic sign given the recession fears that our country has endured of late. With the bank bail outs and the feds pouring money into the financial markets, the time is right to approach all your clients and new potential customers with the LIABILITY pitch. This winter goes down as one of the worst for pothole creation, and you have a solid reason for getting in their face to quote them on pothole patching all the while submitting prices on crack-sealing, sealing, and striping with your patch repair price. Always give the full maintenance quote as this will come in handy later in case the person decides to go ahead with the full maintenance proposal. This time of year when we still have a cooler temp. you will need to kick up the additive in your sealer. A small amount of additional additive will be beneficial as sealer tends to dry stubborn this time of year. For example in your day to day normal addition of additive in summer of up to 2% per 100 gallons concentrate, you might want to add an additional 1 % to your mix to give it that kick for a quality cure. I always have found 3% in spring, 2% summer, and 3% in fall works fantastic. On heavy sand loads try to ease up a bit in spring and fall. When the temp. outside reaches 60 degrees and rising i call summer. anything below that you might call spring and fall. Now in the past when i was laying the juice and had a bunch of salespeople running all over the place, i in spring when things are tight, i instructed my salestaff to implement my spring close. after your salesperson has typed or written up and estimate and is presenting it to the client. After you go over the bid, mention your spring kick off discount, of 1% discount if they sign it now, and if they sign it now take an additional 2% off the total if you get a check within 10 days of the invoice you send to them. worked for me and usually i was just under my competitor on close bids with the spring kickoff special!! Well paveman pro’s, on a sad note we lost another industry icon, Harold Neal passed away last week, Brett his son who created this wonderful website informed me of his passing.. i remember his father so well. Harold and i were both trade show junkies and attended many together, i learned much from this man, he taught me how to sell the features and benefit’s of the iron i was selling. I will miss him and i hope you that those of you who knew him will drop Brett and his family an email, maybe share an experience you may have had with Harold. Harold rest in peace my friend. Well pavemans, here we go, i look forward to more calls from all of you, and remember additives are the glue that keeps us all together, sealer needs it, the customer will love it, and you can be sure that you as a contractor, are giving your customer the best for less. 2009 here we come!! catch you all soon in my next posting.


    Thank you Mark –
    Yes, If you have any stories to tell about my dad, please post them or send me an email. Thanks to everyone who has already expressed their condolences over the loss of my dad.

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