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    hey dan,

    did a job the other day, used SW SETFAST paint. looked great and customer was happy.
    the weather that day was in the upper 80’s, during the day.
    had to go do another after hours job that same night and used the same paint out of the same buckets.
    i stirred it with my drill right before i left to go do the night time job.
    the temp. that night was probably in the upper 50’s.
    that night i set the bucket of yellow on my machine and flipped the lever to prime,
    i let it prime the lines……then i switched the lever to spray and it never would build pressure.
    i lifted the lines out of the paint and i had a lot of small eraser sized chunks clogging my
    intake line in the paint………….
    my question is this……………..
    does the temperature chane going from hot to cool, does it have an effect on the paint………
    my blue paint did the same thing and so did the white.
    do i need to change the screens on my machine, the guy at SW said he wouldn’t,
    because it might get confusing remembering which screen is in the machine………
    he’s behind a counter, and you’re in the field doing the work, and i get the feeling
    you’ve seen it all………….so what do you think.
    oh yea………….its getting cool now, so what is a good SW paint to use when its cool out

    thanks for the help dude.



    Hello Brad
    I try to use normal SW paint throughout the season. Then, I switch to Hot Line when it gets cooler in OH…like now.
    Practically, the SW store normally stocks only one type of paint…the Hot Line…no big deal.
    Next…as far as the clumping goes…last night, we had trouble getting our 4-5 inch line…without lifting the gun to a ridiculous height. SO…we added a cup or two of water…to the 4 gallons. We stirred. We cycled…and all was well. The line was fine. We lowered our guns…again…all was well.
    Try that. I know it gets cool. I know the paint doesn’t want to cooperate.
    A splash of water may help…without actually hurting the paint.
    Let me know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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