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    HI….about a week ago…I was forced to switch over to water based paint. I had heard it was coming and thought it was an ok idea. Less thinner to buy and try to get rid of was the main idea. But just prior to my last job I was told my supplier ( Cloverdale Paints) carrys only the water based now. So I jumped in with both feet and replaced all my hoses and trudged foreward. I have had nothing but problems. My machine just won’t push the paint. I’m maxed out on pressure but still get the 4 inch down to 2 inch pressure drops during a line. Then at the end of the line I get drips. My filter plugs after about 45 mins. And I’m going thru twice as much paint as normal. Any ideas?


    Refresh my memory…
    1) Is it an Airless Machine? If not…you must use a Binks 21 on a Conventional Machine…for Latex…and…as you know…a Low Pressure Diaphragm Gun for Alkyd.
    2) If it’s an Airless…I’m sure you’re using the “Long” hose. Some Airless Guns are equipped with a (2) gun unit. The “long” hose is for the (1) gun set up and then IF…IF…you use the (2) gun…THEN…and only then…can you engage the “short” 6′ hose…to supply it. BUT…you cannot use ONLY the “short” hose for a (1) gun set up. YoOu’ll get the symptoms you described.
    That said…you sound like a pro and these aren’t the “fix”.
    3) I’ve had emails complaining of “the line”…from a MFG…I am not aware of. Try PPG. Then…Sherwin Williams. Use “Regular Old Latex”…or Fast Dry…if you want. I have a Video on how they are made and when I use them. BUT…only buy the Video Titled …
    How I Stripe: Outdoor Striping Paint; Part (1). AND…if you’re truly interested…let me know…I’ll lower the price…just for you…well…everyone. Hell…I’ll do it now.
    Bottom line…
    A) I use Latex everyday…all Season. It should spray like cream.
    B) Are you using a Conventional?…use a Binks 21.
    C) Are you using an Airless?…use only the long hose.
    D) Switch paint…
    BUT…only pick one option…we need to know what worked.
    Did I help?


    Hi…it’s a Titan 4900 airless. I use the short hose. Have never used the long hose. Didn’t like the idea of pushing thinner and paint in and out of a hose that long. Don’t understand why the length would make a difference. I have talked with other people who use the same paint as me and they said what you said…it should come out easy and smooth. Mine is coming out thick. I got to thinking last night that maybe it’s the tip. I’m using the same tip ( #1904 ) as I did for the “old” paint. The presssure should be fine…I’m maxed out…can’t see lowering it. I’m going to see if I can get a tip that will “slow” the amount of paint coming out…maybe like a #1704. Again tho….how does the length effect the result? Steve


    I LOVE the 4900.
    …it’s some kind of a formula…
    Length x Volume x Pressure x ( how much pressure is needed to keep it steady ) x Viscosity…ETC…
    Yes…use the long hose only. AND…I say this cautiously…don’t change paint MFG’s…right now.
    When you trouble shoot…change only ONE thing at a time…so you know what it was that was wrong.
    Switch hoses…after all you’re saving all the paint being pushed out anyhow.
    Try that and let me know.
    I have to be “on the street” in 90 minutes. I may take off.
    I’ll check back.


    I don’t have a 4″ tip.
    I posted a video on tips on my site.
    I don’t like spraying at a 12″ height.
    I use a 6″ tip…and lower the gun.
    Also…if the line I’m Re-striping is 4.75″ wide…I can still cover it with my 6″ tip. I just raise the gun to about 6″ – 7″ inches off the ground.
    Next…I use all .019.
    Anyhow…I hope this helps.
    Let me know.

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