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    Helo Paveman pro’s! I want to address an issue that is now in my pipeline. How much water should you put in with an additive? Being an old ex-sealcoater, i have, a few times over diluted my sealer. We all have done this intentionally or unintensional, regardless it happens. I would run to the truck or shop and throw in a pail of additive and thicken up the mix. if you are using coal-tar or even blends of 70% coal tar, 30% asphalt based sealer, you can add more water to the mix with additives. My targel-Plus is a product that is designed as a film extender. which means on days that are extremely hot you can add up to 40-45% water with 2% Targel-Plus added. This mix with 2 to 3 lb.’s multi fractured sub angular silica sand per gallon will be a favorite mix for those hotter than normal days. Since My Targel-Plus has goodies in it to help with the setting up of the sealer film. If you are using an asphalt based emulsion sealer. you should not add that much water as the product will not perform with longevity and will show accelerated wear and discoloration. Asphalt based sealers should always have an additive incorporated into the mix. My FSA-AE is a fine addition to any asphalt based sealer as it hardens the initial sealer film as well as curing the film, assisting in reducing power steering marks. All my additives depending on what you want them to do, perform differently. A good mix design for those hotter days using asphalt based emulsion sealer is 25-30% water dilution with 1% FSA-AE additive as a post add. If you are applying a “California Mix design” using SS1-H as the binder will find that the water dilution after the sealer is made is restrictive. Most sealer manufacturers that make SS1-H based sealer can only add 5 to 10% max water to the existing sealer concentrate. Most of these manufacturers recommend you do not put any water in after it is made. Most of these manufacturers are adding an additive in the manufacturing process as well as a post added additive such as my FSA-AE. I do know, that adding measured amounts of water to sealer on those hotter days helps the sealer set up and cure slower avoiding severe tire cutting and tracking. Mix designs in hot weather, cold weather, and day to day normal sealing all should have an additive in the mix. You will see the deference in color, service life, and opening your jobs faster allowing striping and other preparation to be completed. Always tell your customers that you incorporate FASS-DRI additives that will enable you to open up their lot sooner and provide a better value and quality job than without additives in the mix. well Paveman Pro’s, feel free to email me a post and we can discuss your sealer and what type of my additives will work best for you. Happy sealing!

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