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    can you pay 25an hour to seal coat and still make out ever article i see pay 121 an hour who can work for that any suggestion


    paveman newbie, i think i kind of know what you are trying to say, When you say “can you pay” $25.00 hour, and still make out? It depends on what type of sealcoat job you are doing. The only way i have ever been able to pay any sealcoat laborer $25.00 hour is if i was doing private work.(driveways). I do not think a full time employee will be paid $25.00 per hour on a daily basis doing commercial work. Jobs in the private sector(driveways) usually are a higher profit job than commercial work that is in most cases “bid” out. Competative bidding prohibits in most companies of larger size the ability to pay that high of an hourly wage. In the private sector (driveways) most times can be completed in a couple hours and at a higher price. I have seen quarter mile driveways go as high as $3,500.00 for clean and seal! In that case you will be able to pay an employee the $25.00 hour for that job. Most key personell on salary that work from sun up to sundown all summer and weekends, command that kind of money. I would put your employee on a daily rate mabe $150.00 a day if you are doing lots of private work, and have a lot of work to do. Realistcally $10.00 or less is the standard for cleaners and field labor. It goes up from there. Sprayers, patchers, cackfillers, and then foremans, field superintendents etc. I hope you find this answer to your satisfaction. Thanks for your submittal of this great question, please feel free to continue to ask questions as this is what Pavemanpro is all about, unbias, and straight talk amongst your peers.


    where do you find 12 an hour laborers or 8 or 9an hour people
    in Michigan residential pays less then commercial not the other way around
    you can make 100 an hour or more according to the ads that is out there so it seem that it is possible i think 15 would be the lowest you have to attract people that wants to work for you and give them some kind of benefits,similar to the union but not as much


    Every market is different, labor today with everyone being layed off you should not have a problem finding labor i would think for 10.00 hour starting. But i have not seen many 15.00 hour guys doing labor unless they have been with a company at least a year or so. But in your area you know the labor pool, and you know the pricing for res. driveways better than i do. I was drawing off my days in Wisconsin as a sealcoater and i made great money doing res. driveways. thanks!!

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