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    I am a sealcoater who is trying to break in to the asphalt repair “game” and am considering purchasing hot box or a reclaimer with an infrared heater. Before purchasing one of these I am trying to do my homework and I have been talking to a few asphalt plants in the area. My problem is, when I have talked to them about using a hot box or the like, they make it sound like it will not work or that it would be to small of a “target”, as they drop asphalt from an elevated hopper (as is probably standard procedure). They have even balked at putting asphalt into a 1 ton dump. I don’t want to buy this equipment if I cant use it. I could imagine if cold millings are being used, they would be loaded by a bobcat or something, which would be a diff. story, but as far as hot mix i’m not sure if they are just unfamiliar with the equipment or what. Help!

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