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    We have 2 machines. Down the line I’d like to acquire a couple more. 2 for Latex/2 for solvent based. We do quite a bit of new pavement striping as well as restripes and sealed work. We use SW paints. For the new pavement we have to use the solvent based paint because from what I’ve experienced latex is not an option because of coverage and mil thickness as it doesn’t flash quick enough and seeps into the pores of the asphalt. The solvent based tends to work okay on sealer when the weather is warmer spring and summer like, but when it gets cooler it tends to change colors, yellow to a rusty red, white to a pale green, and blue to a deeper green. I understand why it does, but that doesn’t help me. I’d like to stick with latex for the sealed work, but with just two machines I hate having to switch over between the two because of the time and the cost of burning through thinner. Not to mention if for whatever reason it’s not totally flushed out the mixing of the two makes that wonderful cottage cheese…and then you have all sorts of in line problems. So, my question is…Is there a paint/manufacturer out there that is applicable to both new pavement and seal work…where it will cover well on new pavement and also not have the color changing and fading on seal work? Thanks in advance


    Hello D
    How are you?
    First of all…yes, I had to laugh about the “Cottage Cheese” reference. I’ve been there. That’s exactly what we called it.
    As far as the paint…you are more a man than I am…if you’re willing to spray Solvent on fresh seal. I’ve had SW Acetone turn light brown over old…OLD…stripes…!…that were on OLD seal. It was just a Re-stripe, too! It wasn’t everywhere…but I had to touch it up. AND…AND…you have to wait. It may turn brown in 10 seconds…or…OR…10 minutes later…!
    Next…in Ohio…we’re not allowed to use any solvents. SO…we use Acetone.
    As for me…I try hard to use Latex throughout the year…up to and including…I’ll sub the job out if it demands Acetone…and all I have is Latex in the machine…and more latex work coming. Again…I’ll sub out the Acetone work…not just because…but for the reasons you stated too: the clean up is not fun, switching isn’t either.
    SO…my only advice is this…
    1) Let’s both look for a Regional Manufacturer.
    2) I try to buy “normal” Set Fast via SW. THEN…when weather cools…I switch to the Hot Line.
    Hot Line has a few things going for it.
    1) 67% solids. With that amount…two things…
    A) I use a .021 tip. Maybe a .019 would work.
    B) That many solids displace the water = LESS water…= dry times are fast.
    C) AND…it’s touted as a “Fast Dry”. I do like it on cool days…and October evenings…etc. Now…it’s all I use.
    SO…bottom line…until we find one…or make our own…maybe the 67% solid feature will look better on your layouts.
    Last…it looks fine on mine…but again…I use a .021. Maybe that helps.
    If you’re already using HL…we’re down to one option.
    Did I help?


    Thanks Dan~

    These are the paints that we use throughout the year:

    SW – 0.0TM5713 Promar 8000-55923 (yellow) SW – 0.0TM5712 Promar 8000-55931 (white)
    SW – 0.ITM2327 HotLine 8000-54017 (yellow) SW – 0.ITM2326 HotLine 8000-53993 (white)

    Looks like we may be extending ourselves to getting another machine for next year with a drive behind. This is the first year I’ve taken complete control of this side of the company and subsequently the first year we’ve worked with the airless. Prior to this, and to my control, it’s been the old standard compressed air variety machines. I’m going to have to try a larger appatured tip to get some of the mils that I’m looking for, especially for new construction Wal Marts and the like that have industrial inspectors following us around and measuring wet mils every time we fill up.

    Sidenote: Are you going to be lecturing at the convention this year? We were down in Memphis this last go around and I had sat in on your ‘efficiency’ talk.

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