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    I had a friend tell me it is impossible to make a straight line with a walk behind sweeper on uneven pavement. Is this true? Thanks Jed



    Greetings. In your post you said “sweeper” did you mean “striper”?… just checking. Take care, Brett


    Hello Jed
    You and I have talked.
    I am going to let this post go.
    I think it’s a good question…especially for anyone thinking about entering the striping business.
    For the readers…you…(Jed)…and I have spoken about this same topic a few days back.
    I do want to hear other people comment.
    How do you…(Readers)…(Experienced Stripers)…make your lines straight?
    …not just 18 footers…36 footers?…and longer channelizing lanes?…150′ of Double Yellow?…
    And…what goes through your head when you approach an “uneven” lot?
    Jed…your book should arrive today = Sat.
    And…maybe find a lot that fits you friend’s definition of “uneven”.
    I remember when I decided to buy my first Striping Machine. I said to my wife…”But I don’t even have a job”…she replied…”Yeah, but you’ll have a real nice Striping Machine!”.
    See ya.


    I mount the gun, directly beside the wheel, so the wheel dips, with the nozzle, I have mounted the gun at the rear wheel too, but sometimes the side to side rocking, adds to the problem. If it’s a job, that requires me to be fussy, then I use a line stencil, or I made a line jig, using baseboards, as they flex well ( see pic below), slow, but I charge for time too. Just my 2 cents 🙂


    Hello Jed
    This isn’t a bad idea…but…take a look at (10) parking lots…that you visit.
    Don’t make a trip…unless you want to…just in your everyday travels…look at the lines.
    Stripers exist. We stripe everyday. We stripe every parking lot. Every parking lot.
    Last…we all use Airless Walk Behinds…well…90% of us use Airless…9% use Conventionals…1% use other means.
    (I’m guessing on the “Market Share” numbers…but I do know just about every striper in my large town…we all use Airless Walk Behinds.)
    Do not let this small concern of a friend dissuade you.
    If you want to stripe…stripe. I would and I do.
    If ypu need help…ask any question. I’ll help.
    Dan Z.


    When I come across uneven pavement I stripe the line both ways meaning I stripe up the line turn around and stripe the bump on the way back down. I find this evens the bump out somewhat. I have bought dans book and like he said drive around look at lots and see how bad of a job some people do. I try to be perfect a little too much. lol


    Hello kcchief402
    (I saw KC play the Lions when I was a kid. Len Dawson, Buck Buchanan, Elmo Wright, etc.)
    I agree. AND…I think we’ve all switched sides when we see a catch basin in the way. Hit one of those…!
    So…yes…on uneven pavement…see if you can stripe from a different side. On Centerlines…watch out for the catch basin…especially if it’s in disrepair. BANG!
    (I also saw the Jets play the Lions. Joe Namath played. ! My Dad took me to the Thanksgiving Day parades…then the game.)
    See ya.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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