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    Helo Pavemanpro’s!!! Well here we go again, another election year, and the economy is in the tank right now. Well i have been thru a few of these election year turns and it sometimes can be very uncertain as well as down right crazy. But, being in the pavement maintenance industry for 30 plus years i have always had confidence in the good old American dream that my grandfather and my dad instilled in my heart. What you sow, you shall reap! A good note for all you pavement pounders, is the pavement maintenance industry is really kind of recession proof! I can attest to this, as i have always had my biggest growth years as a pavement maintenance contractor on election years. Lets face it when the economy is booming, businesses have money and they spend it on capital improvements and maintenance. When the economy is slow and sluggish, business owners tend to opt for pavement maintenance vr’s capital improvements. So, our industry really is recession proof! So don’t be pulled down by all the election year gauntlet of B.S. sow your oats and reap your crop my Pavemanpro’s. The real kicker is, that next season will even be better as the folks have made their choice, minds are more at rest, and they can focus more on growing their businesses. So fire up!! Now, as the season winds down, you will be thinking about the fall rush and all the work that may not get done due to the old man from the North!!! keep in mind your material order skills play into the Oct. need to get work completed. Not one manufacturer including myself, condone late fall cold sealing. However, if you are in a spot and must get a project sealed, be sure you do the following steps. Use double the FASS-DRI additive you normally would use in your mix during these times. apply only one coat, and seal early and finish early in the day. my rule of thumb is, you only have 6 hours a day to get it in! If you are on a larger project with multiple move ins, break it down into smaller areas and do it that way, if you are going to lose any sealer, at least it will be a small area only. Most important is to watch the weather closely and cherry pick days that you know will work for the area you are sealing. Additives are a wonderful thing in these particular situations, talk with your sealer supplier and ask them for my FASS-DRI additive as it works in all sealers, coal-tar, asphalt based, or blends. well Pavemanpro’s, i hope you all had a great season, and i hope you all get your work in before the weather shuts us all down. I look forward to meeting many of you who have called me here at Maintenance inc. at the NPE show in Charlotte NC. Feb. 17th.2009. Look for our booth and you will find me. P.S. Be sure you agitate your sealer tanks a couple times a day while sitting to keep your sealer alive in cooler weather. It makes a difference. Thanks again for all the business you have given our 350 plus distributors world wide. Mark McLeod /Maintenance Incorporated.

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