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    Hi all from Ontario, Canada.
    I am new to the line painting biz with some experience working for someone else last year. I plan on going full-tilt into line painting this year. My question is SHOULD I OFFER THESE SERVICES TOO, OR SUB-CONTRACT IT OUT ?.
    Doing a couple of side jobs last year I was asked once if I do crackfilling. I am at the early stage of picking a company name/logo, and I don’t know if I should describe myself as a “line painting co.” or “pavement maintenance co.”
    Is it nessesary to do it all, or should I specialize on line painting?.

    Thank you,
    Steve A.


    Hello Steve
    I wish I knew. I wish there was an answer that fit all people, companies…etc.
    I’ve been striping 19 years. I’ve rarely been asked to Crack Fill. The next guy…you…!…may get asked so many times…you may.
    That said…I did own a large Diesel Crafco Crack Fill machine. It was a 125 gallon.
    I had the 30 gallon and also a 10 gallon applicator. I used it though on jobs for other contractors…more than the job that was mine.
    With that in mind…if Crack Filling is a big thing in your area…try it. And…remember, you may just be the sub on one job…and then just stripe on another…and offer both on your own…etc.
    As far as Seal Coating goes…I never tried it…except on the job that was my repeat customer…and it was small enough for me to handle.
    I have a friend the has all that and I sub it out on anything with size.
    Last…the only thing I did not like was totally switching gears.
    In other words…one trailer for this…one for that…etc.
    For me…again…for me…I’m a striper. I sold the Crack Fill…I sub the Seal Coating…I’m good with that…etc.
    However, you may have the right crew…the right clientele…and be a different situation…etc.
    I hope that helps some.
    Keep in touch. Let me know how it goes.
    P.S. My Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa took me to Canada to fish a couple times. They took me out of school to do so.
    I’ll always remember that. Cool memories in a great country. ( I caught huge Walleye, Perch and Pike…too…! Even the Blue Gill fought like whales…! )
    Thanks again.
    Take care.


    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the fast reply. It seems like you are the Oprah Winfrey of line striping.
    I have purchased your videos and found them very informative, but when i tried to purchase your book the cost of the book doubled with the delivery charge?
    Anyway, what you say makes sence. For now I hope that I can hook-up with a crackfiller/sealcoater and work together.
    I have been in touch with Brett @ walkietalkie. He’s a great guy. I wish That I could meet you guys at the expo.
    I have a steal of a deal on a linelazer 3900. Its two years old, I was the first one to rent it from my paint supplier and every time I needed it for a job it was there. They are replacing it with a new one. The guy that I deal with at this shop also repairs and maintains the paint units so they are taken care of. He is throwing in the second gun and repacking the bearings for
    Maybe you can deliver your book up here and I will take you for some awesome BASS fishing.
    Thanks Dan,


    Oh my God…that was funny.
    I was just reading away…and then…Let’s go BASS fishing…!
    Too cool…busted out laughing. Thanks for that.
    YES…that Shopping Cart will go away and the new one will charge correctly.
    I charge 10.00 to ship to CA.
    Send me some type of an email via a Private Message ( PM ) and I’ll send an Invoice…etc.
    Next…on the Graco…
    1) It’s like buying a used car…just check it out…condition vs. price vs. it’s right there…and…you know the machine and also the market. You also know how much you can make with it = how fast you can get that money back…etc.
    2) The only thing I’d do is run it…AND…spray it. ( I’m hoping that the last renter cleaned it out. That’s it. )
    I’ll bet the mechanic there does a nice job cleaning it though.
    AND…even if you don’t…they sound like a nice bunch to deal with.
    All that said…it sounds like a nice deal.
    Last…here’s what we’ll do…
    You…me…and Brett will set up “EXPO Canada”. We’ll bring our fishing poles…favorite beverage……how’s that? Wait…wait…maybe we should bring “Pavement Stuff” too. (…maybe…)
    Let me know how that Graco 3900 deal goes.
    AND…I’ll look for your email, too.
    Steve, thanks.


    Yes – I’m liking this EXPO Canada idea a lot as long as fishing is the main attraction.

    Dan — I guess we’ll be seeing you in a week or so. I’ll have a booth this year so come and see me … #622. We’ll miss you ProLinz.. but be in touch soon.

    take care,



    I hate to say this out loud…but…I may not make it.
    I want to remain an optimist…but…I have two projects underway.
    Blah…blah…dang it.
    That said…I wanted to attend your Class / Seminar. I may just drive down to your house…!
    Wait…let’s meet at Steve’s house. Ontario it is.
    Good to hear from you! Have a great Class / Seminar.

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