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    Merry Christmas Pavemanpro’s! I have all my shopping done and have little left, but the Christmas spirit has remained. I trust all had a great fall finish to the season? I have had some great feedback from many of you that told me the fall rush was decent and most of you have pulled out a break even at worst! Great job to all. With the cold weather upon us now you might want to do a spot check of any materials you may be storing in your shops and storage lockers, garages. Make sure they are away from the doors where the temp. may be too cold for the manufacturers recommendations.. IE: cold pour crack-sealers, additives, and tack. give them a mid winter shake to keep the settling down never hurts. I have had some feedback from a few of you that made the NPE West show, some said it was the place to be for “Deals on show Equipment” but was not very busy. I am sure the NPE Nashville will be much better due to the after the holidays and it is closer to the start of the 2010 season. I remember in and around the trade-show time, triggered me to look at the upcoming season and evaluate my equipment, employee;s, and the workload i have for start-up. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE YOUR CHANGES!!! If you are even thinking of upgrading your equipment, or just selling your select iron do it now. Advertise it, here or any-other place that will post your equipment for sale. Contractors are looking now! Deals are abundant this time of year.. new equipment manufacturers are already giving deep discounts on “09” equipment as Neal is right now. All manufacturers are rolling out there latest greatest for the trade show in Jan. so get your used iron sold before that. Also this is the time for those harded decisions with employees that need to go for one reason or another. If you are looking to lay off, fire, or hire, now is the time to start thinking about it. It is not only fair to the outgoing employee because it gives that person time to hook up elsewhere. It also gives you time to train and educate your incoming new employees. Trade shows and the seminars are a great way to educate your new hires on the cheap! They will come out of the show with a clearer understanding of our industry and at least will learn the basics. Check with your sealer supplier and ask them for complimentary tix to the show. Then sign them up for what you want them to learn.. I am giving a seminar on additives for example. They will learn why you should use additives, and how additives can expand your business. A must show for those who want to be successful in our industry. Well Pavemanpro’s i want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed safe New Year.. see you all in Nashville.

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