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    Well Pavemanpro’s, my orders for additives has gone thru the roof, my distributors and manufacturers are stocking up for all you contractors who smartly use additives in your pavement sealers. I will be the first to tell you that the name FASS-DRI means more than the name. Fass- Dri not only dries your sealer fast on cooler days, but it hardens the sealer film allowing the water in your mix to fugasitate leaving a rich black color and harder film that will resist scuffing and allow you to get stripes on the pavement sooner. As a former sealer applicator, i know how time is of the most importance in early to mid fall when the dew comes on the windshields in the morning and the chance of rain every afternoon around 4:00 pm! Not to mention the lack of sun due to day-lite savings time, which cuts your application time in half compared to summer. If you use additives you can extend your season at least a month. Cherry picking days was all i had to rely on back in the day. With the additives we have now days, is a no brainier that not only do they perform, you can get more work in per day using additives. If you are using coal-tar or blends, you might want to put in my FSA, and Targel Plus additives. If you are using Asphalt based sealer, use my FSA-AE additive that is specially formulated for this type of sealer. Contact your local distributor or sealer manufacturer and ask for Fass-Dri, FSA, Targel-Plus, or FSA-AE. If they do not have any in stock, contact me here at Pavemanpro and i will let them know your needs. Additives are for everyday use all season long. You will find your jobs look better and last longer than without additives in your mix. Stock up now as the fall is around the corner and be sure to use trusted, contractor proven Maintenance Inc. additives. You can’t go wrong!

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