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    Thanks for the help everyone, im sure i have as many questions as you have answers so i hope im not flooding the topic board too much.

    The scenario – a large warehouse job that has many diagonal lines and alot of which are placed in such a way where no skilled striper could get the machine into position and do a proper line. What are some different methods for getting at such areas, i have thought about masking tape and spraying by hand then immediately remove tape or even making a one time use cardboard stencil to do the trick…
    Any thoughts guys?

    Thanks in advance!


    Just a follow up.

    So the job went well, and taping is a very good method of getting the odd spots although dont leave it for very long because the oil base paint seeps through and separates the adhesive from the tape leaving residue, its also time consuming so you really need to choose your battles with that method
    for any areas that that i needed the same shape more than twice i used a cardboard stencil, its firm enough that i does not get saturated with paint very quickly and did not flap around but after using the cardboard 17 times in 40 mins the build up of paint started to cause problems with the overall shape of the stencil

    Any ideas how to stripe vertically? like the walls behind parking stall in a parkade..( i have to do 400 in a job coming up)? im thinking of making 6 separate plywood stencils coat them with spray booth paint sealer stuff and have a helper leapfrog the stencils as i stripe em..


    Hello dnicholson
    A buddy of mine carries base board…some people call it moulding…? It’s just cheap wood from Lowe’s. It’s 3″ x 96″. He cuts it into 3′, 4′ or 5′ sections…and uses it for those hard to get places. It’s simply used instead of tape.
    As far as vertically goes…I spray arrows and floor numbers onto a parking garage wall semi-regularly. If that’s what you mean…I just use the same ol’ stencil that I’d use on the ground…especially if there are 400. Cleaning is easier.
    I like the 125 Mil. It stands up…and I mean literally stands UP and doesn’t bend and hang down when I’m trying to spray it.
    Low Density Polyethylene Plastic is best.
    That said…I’m not too sure I have it right…what do you mean by “400”…? Is it 400 stencils on walls?
    Last…these tend to be smaller than the parking lot stencils. I use brown jersey gloves when I hold the stencil in place.
    Anyhow…I hope that helps somehow.


    Thanks for the fast reply Dan.

    What i meant is that they want the line from the parking stall to continue up the wall and that i have 400 stall lines to do..

    That baseboard trick is a good idea i think i will give it a shot next warehouse job!


    …you know what…?…the base boards would work great on the wall too.
    Buy (2) 10′ sections…or however high you need to go…stand them up…spray away…
    Plastic stencils would want to fall down…!
    …you know what else…?…for 400…you may want to somehow fix the two boards together…4″ apart or 5″ apart…like a stencil.
    Anyhow…post a pic if you want…after the job.

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