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    I have recently been asked to quote a job striping on a cobblestone parking lot and it my understanding that the surface of the stone may not accept the paint as well as asphalt so my question is are there any ways to prep the surface of the stone to better accept the paint and allow for a more durable coating or is there any additive/specialty paint that should be used in this situation?

    Thanks in advance!


    I’d first be afraid that the striping would be equally “wobblestone”.
    How “cobblestone” is it? Can you make a good looking stripe?
    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the paint.
    I’d just make sure the client knew that the lines may very well be a bit “4 wheel drive” looking.
    Again…I’d use latex striping. OR…I’d walk away. Be polite…but…walking away is on the table.
    Keep in touch.


    Thanks for the tip Dan. After looking at the job i see that they only want 4 lines done so im a little relieved, before that i had tried walking away from the job (Twice!) due to my inexperience and even after explaining why, they still want the job done. I got thinking that using some sort of rubber mat to roll the sprayer on may help the “4-wheel drive” look a little bit , what do you think? i have also heard that cobblestones are often sealed and the latex may wear a lot sooner (or not even stick at all!) due to that and was recommended an oil paint instead.


    Honestly…?…her’s how I would reply…”let me look at it”.
    Sometimes…that’s what it takes.
    So…you decide.
    But…if you get the job and do the work…take a pic.
    Send it to my email. I’d love to see it. I’d love to post it on my Facebook page.
    Keep in touch.
    …you inspire me…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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