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    Well Pavemanpro’s, Dropped by the World of Asphalt in Cincinnati to scan the isles and chat with all the exhibitors, there was pretty much the same exhibitors, but was pleased to see they had a “Pavement Maintenance Isle!” This is a good thing as Maintenance goes hand in hand with pavement. I hear that 2010 is the target date for the Obama administration to FINALLY release around 80 Billion in unspent stimulus bucks! Don’t really know why they have not releasedd it until now, but that’s what they are saying. So what does that mean for the Pavement maintenance contractor? Typically, when the road work dries up, the big paving companies trend to drop to there Maintenance program mode for work more intensely, opposed to when they are busy on road projects. Many of you i am sure are sub contractor’s that somewhat rely on the the big pavers for additional work. In Colorado many years ago as a pavement maintenance contractor, i was a sub for around 5 different pavers. They did not seal so it was a great addition to my work load. If you are not hooked up with a big paving company, now is the time to break bread and get them on board with your company as the Feds will release these funds to approx. create 24,000 new projects. This should keep them busy and they will be looking for new hires as well. Since speaking at NPE on additives, i have been invited to speak at a few open houses and new distributors that are opening in 2010. Contractors are realizing how critical a post added additive is for their quality and the cost truly is insignificant if you really break down the numbers. In the March issue of pavement i have broken down the real costs of adding an additive to your mix design. If you have additive in storage right now is the time i recommend a product check. Open up a pail and give it a stir to see if it may have frozen. All pail products should be checked now and maybe a shake or two will bring it all together. If you need anymore information on proper storage of your pail products over the winter call your distributor or us, and we will be happy to advise you on procedure. We all have heard the rumors of the so called ban on coal-tar and all these reports from some of the major news outlets. all i have to say is much more solid proof is needed to shut down a product that has been the staple sealer in the industry since sealing began.. there are many entities that disagree with the information and we are being told by the government again what is good and what is bad. I am not condoning the use of one sealer over the other, just disagree in the fact that the Gov. is involved in a matter like this. Look what the Gov. has done to the coal industry? The oil industry, the car industry, the banking industry and on and on.. guess it is the sealer manufacturers turn on the hot seat! I have an additive for all sealers so it does not effect me as much, however i have never seen Gov. help any situation it gets it hands on. Be patient in your conclusion’s about the so called “coal-tar bans” until all the information is compiled and digested and then the opinion on applying it should come from those who make and put it down. Thats my take. Well pavemanpro’s seasons around the corner and you should now be pounding the patching bids as we had a heck of a winter and the potholes are everywhere..we carry a great bagged pothole patch that can be put right in the hole, water and all. check it out on-line at http://www.maintinc.com or ask your distributor for it! I will be posting again as the weather warms. I think 2010 will surprise you on how much work will be available. Liability issues on there parking lots is in full force that’s for sure.. be sure you use that as a reason to stop and give them a bid! Big things come from a little patch.

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