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    How should I store my airless sprayer? When I clean up between jobs, can I leave water in the system or does it need to be flushed out with paint thinner? Last winter I stored it with antifreeze in the system. I know some people that leave paint in their airless all the time.


    Hey Stripe Guy
    How are you?
    1) I rarely clean my machine throughout the year. That’s not the best…but it’s arguable too.
    2) There’s a mechanic somewhere that will tell you that water is the worst thing you can put in the machine.
    Stripe Guy…I’m a licensed Airframe / Powerplant Mechanic. I know what they’re referring to. BUT…I don’t worry about it.
    Clean it out with whatever cleaning agent you need to…such as…water for Latex…Mineral Spirits for Oil Based paints…etc.
    …press on…don’t be afraid.
    Next…I do wash out my machine well at the end of the season. I use water a few times…and then I add Anti Freeze at the last cleaning. You’ll do fine.
    Last…I do know of a buddy who never cleans out his machine. I’m not in that camp. Every once in a while…during the year…I’ll clean out my machine…well. AND…I always clean it out very well at the end and put Anti Freeze in it when I really think I’ve striped my last job of the season.
    It’s worked for me for 17 years.
    I hope that helps.
    If you’re anywhere around Memphis TN in February…come to the Pavement Show.
    …love to shake your hand.
    See ya.


    Dan, is that regular automobile antifreeze that you use? It is poisonous if swallowed. It’s getting that time, in South Dakota. I may sneak one more job, but people aren’t letting go of their money. I’ll really need to market over the winter.



    Hey Randy
    Yes…just plain old Anti-Freeze…but I do buy the kind that says Green…or something like that.
    THAT said…I don’t know if it’s poisonous…but I’m not going to drink it. It should say all that on the bottle.
    Next…I switched to using SW Hotline. It dries quickly…even in cool weather.
    You may get more jobs in that way.
    Next…there is Acetone too…from SW…you can use it even later in the Season. BUT…Acetone is a stripper. If you let it sit inside your machine…overnight…( some people…like me…DO NOT clean their machines regularly )…the Acetone in the Acetone paint will have a chance to dissolve the old residue paint inside your lines…etc…and those pieces will clog the tip…over and over again.
    You decide.
    Next…when I spray Hotline I use a .023 Tip. It sprays well.
    I’m not sure if that tip is big enough to allow the little pieces that the Acetone would loosen…through. Maybe it would.
    Again…any of this will lengthen your season. Let me know how things work out…and…
    Do not drink anything I mentioned…!
    Keep in touch.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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