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    I had a question from a reader…here it is…
    If I snap…or…pop chalk lines 9′ apart and then stripe right beside the line…wouldn’t the stall measure 8′ 8″?
    The answer is yes. The interior of the stall would measure 8′ 8″. But in my neck of the woods…this is how it’s done. A carpenter would call my method…”on center”. In other words…if you’re measuring from the right side of one stripe then you must measure to the right side of the next stripe. If you’re measuring from the left side of a stripe…then measure to the left side of the next stripe. And…not to bore you…if you measured from the center of a stripe then measure to the center of the next stripe = “on center”.
    Again…I snap lines 9′ apart and paint beside the line.
    Now…along this thought…I address something in my book called “the big deal thing about long roping”. Do not think in terms of right and left. Think only in terms of painting on the West side of the snapped line or rope. Only! Or…in terms of painting of the North side. Or better yet…pick a land mark and paint on the side of the line that the building is on…or some other landmark. That way…if and when you get turned around…all of your striping will remain…”on center”.
    Now I have a question. Do you “take out” for the upcoming stripe? Are you being required to make the interior of the stall 9′? Do you have troubles when you have a “hard” bay = an 81′ stretch bordered by concrete curb?
    Let me know.
    Dan Z.

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