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    I’ve been asked about a How I Stripe Seminar.
    I’ve set one up in San Antonio, TX.
    4-6 hours long. I’ll go through my book…then…out in to the parking lot. We’ll go through the machine…grab the handle bars etc.
    I hope it’s not storming. If it is…we won’t.
    We’ll Layout, Stencil, etc.
    Then…I’ll give away the Dolly, Mr. Box, Long Rope…etc…and the Airless Machine…IF I have (18) in attendance.
    Right now I have 15 interested So…we’re on. (We’re on if I have 12. But…I won’t give the machine away until we have 18.)
    If you need more details…I don’t blame you. Contact me. I’ll send them along.
    If you’d like to attend. Contact me. I’ll email an Invoice. You can pay directly from the Invoice. The Maximum is (24).
    Next…I have (9) interested in the Raleigh NC area. Again…once I have (12)…I’ll book it. I’ll then send Invoices. If we get to (18)…I’ll give that machine away.
    Last…I have several places around the country with several people interested. I’m not sure how many would be the absolute minimum…but, just contact me. Let me know where you are = City, State. I’ll try to make something happen.
    I have heard from a few in MI, CA, IA, KS, WI, ND, SD, OH and FL.
    I hope this helps.


    Here’s my Seminar Update.
    Both locations have been Reserved.
    (NC and TX.)
    However, not everyone has paid.
    But…there seems to be enough interest…so…I booked both locations…(and my room).
    Next…I put the updated info on my Facebook Page. (American Striping)
    If you go there…look on the “Events” Page.
    If you have any questions…let me know…I’ll help.
    Right now…?…I’m off to work.
    See ya.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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